Tripp Advice – What Women Want

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Tripp Advice – What Women Want

Attraction signals are subtle hints and signs that a woman displays to let a man know that she is interested in him.

When you can read attraction signals and tell when a woman is interested in you, every approach you make will be a smooth and successful one.

But when you can’t tell if a woman is interested, you will continue to get rejected by women who aren’t interested and miss opportunities with the ones that are.

Now there are different types of attraction signals and each type means a different thing.

Some signals mean a woman wants a man to approach her, others mean she wants their interaction to continue and others mean she wants him to advance the nature of their relationship.

So if you want to know in advance whether or not your next approach, flirting technique, or physical escalation is going to work, then it is critical that you learn how to read attraction signals.

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