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This system contains techniques to equip you with humor to make women laugh. The program aims to enable you to approach women confidently.

Bonus items include:

– How To Talk To Any Woman
– Flirting Mastery
– Love Secrets
– Logical Fallacies
– One-Liners That Work Every
– Hilarious Quotes


We can all agree that everyone has a sense of humor. It just comes in all shapes and sizes. As the saying goes, one man’s joke is another man’s poison.

Some people may be better at expressing humor that suits more people’s tastes. Some people are just less adept in saying the right things at the right time. And if one doesn’t exercise his or her sense of humor often, he or she goes into a vicious cycle where he loses even more sense of humor. However, no matter what kind of bores you’ve met so far, you know that everyone is born with a sense of humor.

But here’s the key point: what can you do with humor?

Sure you can have fun with it—or else why do people pay for the comedy shows and those comedy channels? You can also use it to reduce tension, find a great bargain, and keep your children in their seats…you name it!

There are a thousand and one uses of humor, and they always (supposedly) lead to an ultimate goal—laughter.

Laughter is powerful—much more powerful than most people have ever imagined… and will ever know.

Let me explain.

Human beings have an obsessive desire to remain consistent. It is psychologically impossible to dislike the person who has already made you laugh genuinely for more than 5 times, because humans can’t handle the incongruity between laughter (liking someone) and disliking someone.

In other words, women tend to get closer to a guy who has consistently made them laugh! This not only occurs at a logical level (“oh, being with him gives me so much joy and I want more”), but also at a subconscious level (maintaining consistency). Once we were

made laugh by someone, it would be very inconsistent if we still maintained an antagonistic attitude towards that person.

Therefore, I use laughter to make women fall in love with me.

And the more women I could make laugh, the better I get.

But I realize that I can’t possibly make all the women in the world to fall in love with me. That’s why I wrote this book for you. That’s why I’ve decided to share my techniques of making women laugh.

I only have this one question for you: why must you learn to make women laugh? Since you’ve bought this book, you’ve made a commitment. And I made a commitment too—to make sure you get the most out of this book and completely transform you into a much

more humorous and attractive person.

Yeah I know being funny would be a nice quality to have. It would certainly benefit many aspects of your life, and blah, blah, blah…

But would it really matter if you stay the way you are? It’s nice to be humorous and all, but why can’t you settle for whom you are right now?

Maybe I sound crazy, but what I really want you to think about is this: is making women fall in love with you through laughter a must for you or a should?

We never achieve our shoulds. (“I should exercise more”, “I should stop watching TV now”, “I should improve my public speaking skills”…)

We only achieve our musts (“I must finish this project by Wednesday or I’ll be fired”, “I must leave now or I’ll miss my plane”…)

We all get what we must have.

So must you be a funny guy?

Intolerance of your present condition can ignite changes just as tolerance of your current conditions will prevent changes.

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

– How your inner talk constantly influences you
– The important difference between a funny guy and an average guy
– What the Humor Habit is
– Why women sometimes laugh at jokes which you don’t find funny at all
– The art of conversation with any woman
– One rule you should follow to get rid of the fear of rejection
– Find out why most pick up lines don’t work
– Learn what is real flirting
– 4 basic types of women
– In-depth analysis of the basic mechanism behind women’s laughter
– 8 primary models of humor
– What an inner game is
– How to internalize humor
– How to take charge of conversations with women
– 4 tonalities to use to attract women with humor
– How to develop sensory acuity
– 6 useful techniques to improve your body posture, gestures and movements
– What type of joke you should tell at first
– How to save yourself when you blow it
– One important fact you should know about sexist, ethnic, religious jokes
– 14 basic humor characters you can play
– How to tailor the many tried-and-true humor formulas to suit your own needs
– The Rule of Reciprocity
– How to leverage on the power of stereotypes
– How you can deliberately act silly in a humorous way
– What the the rule of three is
– How to create an illusion of improvisation
– A technique to condition a woman to your humor
– How to use your humor to pander to a woman’s vanity
– 2 methods of using outrageous exaggeration
– How logical fallacies can trick women in a humorous way
– 4 humor techniques to make a woman think sexually
– How you can imitate other people and fake foreign accents to make women laugh
– 2 useful applications of humor besides attracting women
– The Humor Rorschach Test
– How to effectively deal with disappointment, rejection, and frustration
– The Pareto Principle

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