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What is the Iconic Trader Program?

The Iconic Trader Program is a unique training program that unlocks your potential to the highest possible trading level. It is a level stronger than the Mastering Price Action 2.0. Going into in depth details on what criteria make a trade work, when should you trade large size, when you should exit some or most of your positions etc. This Program is ideal for those trading the 15 min time frame and higher.

You will start with getting a strong understanding of Correlation, going deeper into why a trade doesn’t make new highs or lows and what that means for you. Is that a clue? Do you prepare for what’s to come or is that no longer a good trade? Many of the topics will revolve around this core.
There will be in-depth lessons on Timing – how to get into a trade when the moment is right.

The Trade Management lessons will cover what a good trade looks like so you can go above your normal risk tolerance and trade bigger during these periods. (As you have seen Navin trade LIVE on Instagram where sometimes he will trade 10-20 standard lots and then suddenly all the way up to 90+ standard lots during NFP… there is actually a science and reasoning behind it.) Navin will share his methods in these lessons.

Lessons on Mindset will also be present. Going over Daily Routines, Motivation, and Trade Psychology based on your personality. This is something that is unfortunately overlooked a lot in the industry. However, here, it’s included in the program for you.

Money management and Volumes are also covered intensively in the lessons.

Once you go through the education for 6 months, you will then have access to 2 LIVE analysis sessions every day (prior to London opening and prior to New York opening). This will give you an explanation of what trade we are personally looking at, why we’re looking at them, and how we are going to trade them based on the education you’ve received.

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  1. Gord’s

    If one were to go to the “official” Urban Forex (UF) website and read what does the Iconic Trader Program contain, and what is delivered when you purchase this program via Item Digi, is two different things. Purchasing this program via this media, you will notice that over HALF the program is missing! Furthermore, one of the modules that is delivered, there is no audio at all in the videos for that module, despite me raising it up with Laura. Item Digi sells another UF program called “Urban Forex Mastering Money Management”; folks that is what should have been delivered in the first place with this program!
    Do yourself a favour, do not purchase this program.

    Whoever has sold this to Item Digi, is milking it for all its worth.

    BTW, I have purchased other programs through Item Digi and they have all been fine. This one is below par, you have been warned!

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