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Researchers have been studying male and female differences for a very long time. They wondered whether the obvious physical differences, such as sex organs, extend to our brains.

But, if you ask me, you don’t need to be a scientist to figure that out. So, in this review, I will not go into behavioral patterns or intelligence. Here I will talk about sex. Specifically, why and how women fall in love, and under what conditions man and women develop mutual sexual chemistry.

Finally, I will tell you how you can increase your chances with any woman, no matter who you are.

So, what is it about women that make them so mysterious? Well, there are areas of the human brain that are in charge of various activities. This means that there are specific roles for each part of the brain. One part can be in charge of analytical thinking, while other parts trigger when they receive certain signals.

Our brains respond to the environment. They decrypt certain words and symbols on an unconscious level. So, every time you make a thought, that is, every time you think about something, you produce a chemical.

This means that if you think about negative things, you produce negative chemicals. The same logic applies to sex. Knowing this, you can develop methods, encrypted symbols, and words that will trigger that sexual part of the women’s brain. Think of it as a shortcut to sex, plain and simple.

Automatic Sexual Chemistry(A.S.C.) is a revolutionary new seduction system for men, created by the legendary seduction expert Dean Cortez.

If you follow six easy steps, you can seduce any woman and make her fall in love with you.

It has nothing to do with spending money, or going on dates, or being “friends” with her first…

During the course of one single conversation you can learn how to lead any woman through six sequential steps that will trigger feelings, emotions, and chemical reactions in her brain that will make her feel massive “sexual chemistry” with you.

Follow these six easy steps, in order, and you will not only get laid as much you want, with the girls you want the most…

You will also “re-wire” the brains of the women you seduce, so that they literally become addicted to you.

Once a guy uses A.S.C. to complete the seduction, HE has the power to decide what happens next.

Does he want to continue using A.S.C. to bed new women, every night of the week?

Does he want to use A.S.C. to build a rotating harem of women, who all want to spend the night with him again when he is available?

Or does he want to focus his powers on one AMAZING woman, and make her his loyal, loving girlfriend?

A.S.C. not only teaches you the six steps, it also explains the PSYCHOLOGY behind why these steps have such a powerful effect on women. You will discover exactly what is HAPPENING (on a biological, hormonal, psychological, and sexual level) when you lead a woman through the six steps.

98.7% of guys out there don’t have a “plan” when it comes to seducing women. They wing it. And while they might get lucky here and there, they lack consistency.

A.S.C. makes it AUTOMATIC…

Because it has been PROVEN that if you lead a woman through a sequential six-step process (which you can learn in minutes), she will be irresistibly attracted to you, and feel comfortable with the idea of having sex with you.

The vast majority of men in today’s dating scene feel powerless…

And A.S.C. is the key to empowering you and making you feel UNSTOPPABLE, because now you will have a 6-step gameplan “hard-wired” into YOUR brain.

“Automatic Sexual Chemistry” is designed

to make women feel an irresistible chemical attraction towards you.

It allows you to target a special part of the female brain

to give a woman uncontrollable desire to have sex with you


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