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Get Your ROCK HARD ERECTIONS Back Before Your Relationship or Dating Life Completely Crumbles…

How Cutting Edge Science Can Naturally “Switch On” Your Primal Masculine Genetic Code So You Can Experience Ridiculously Long Lasting Stage 4 ROCK HARD ERECTIONS for LIFE!


The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is for every age group from 18 to 108, helping to give you stage 4 rock hard erections your entire life!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is super simple to understand and ridiculously easy to use! And it can work very quickly… within seconds!

The Complete Holistic Stage 4 Rock Hard Erection Boosting System… Using the Incredible Power of Epigenetic’s and the BodyMind!

“The Rock Hard for Life Formula” supercharges all the erection boosting functions of the BodyMind.

So you produce ridiculously long lasting stage 4 rock hard erections every time you are with your lover.

Radiating Supreme Sexual Confidence and putting a smile on both of your faces… a mile wide!

Here is just a brief list of the amazing benefits you receive when using my system:

  • Get ridiculously rock hard stage 4 erections for life… easily, naturally, and automatically, they way it was always meant to be
  • Completely obliterate premature ejaculation for good… and fully enjoy long lasting sexual pleasure while bringing her to explosive heights of ecstasy
  • Make weak erections and humiliating sexual performance a thing of the past… it takes just minutes a day
  • Stop losing your erections once you penetrate her… get hard and stay hard in all sexual situations: oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, etc.
  • Get so rock hard that she has NO DOUBT that she massively turns you on because she can FEEL IT… which releases her inner slut making her want to do things to you she wouldn’t even consider doing with other men
  • Naturally turn on your “primal masculine genetic code” and become way more attractive to women, getting you more and more sex without even trying
  • Radiate so much supreme sexual confidence that women are helplessly drawn to you and your natural charms… stop “working” for their attention and affection
  • Fully satisfy ANY woman in bed and get them hopelessly addicted to you… wanting to see you and only you, over and over again
  • Experience incredibly intense orgasms and blow MASSIVE loads that put porn stars to shame… and make your woman scream with wild pleasure
  • Be so confident in the bedroom that you can’t help but be more confident everywhere you go, opening up new opportunities in your social, dating, and business life
  • Get everything you need to have stage 4 rock hard erections for life installed directly into you so they are automatic and permanent, so you never worry about your erections ever again
  • Feel like the potent alpha sexual beast you were born to be and naturally be more self-expressive, bold, assertive, and confident in all situations

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is for every age group from 18 to 108, helping to give you stage 4 rock hard erections your entire life!

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, 52.2% of men in the United States report having ED!

That’s over half the men in the US!

That means that more than 1 out of every 2 men that walk past you on the street are losing the battle with ED.

So less than half of the men you bump into are even eligible to experience all the sex and fun they can handle!

Here are some other shocking statistics you might not know:

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine 25% of men under the age of 40 are seeking ED treatment. That’s 1 in 4 men under 40 with ED severe enough to actually cause them to seek treatment!
Nearly 70% of men are affected with ED by the age of 70 according to Massachusetts Male Aging Study
A recent British study of 2,000 men, found that 50% of men in their 30s reported having ED
About 30 Million Men in the US are currently affected by ED- According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health)


It’s even worse than this…


Researchers estimate that only 10-20% of men with ED ever report having it or seek treatment!

That means that 80-90% of men with ED never report it or seek treatment for it…

so these men are not even counted in these statistics. Which means these statistics are most likely even higher than we realize… possibly way higher!

That is A LOT of men suffering in silence!

If 52.2% of men in the United States REPORT having ED…

and if 80-90% of men who have ED DO NOT even REPORT it or seek treatment…

then this epidemic is definitely way worse than we even realize!

And what we ALREADY KNOW is crazy scary as it is!

To put this in perspective…

46% of men in the US have Heart Disease and 9.4% of American men have Diabetes.

ED is now taking down more men in the United States than Heart Disease and Diabetes and it is just as, if not more crippling.

Many of these men feel that it is a fate worse than death!

And here is the real kicker…

You have probably heard of “The Kinsey Report”.

It is considered by many to be the “gold standard” of sexual studies. According to this report:

In the 1940s LESS THAN 1% of men under the age of 30 experienced ED
However TODAY it is estimated that somewhere between 15-25% of men in this age range are experiencing ED
In the 1940s LESS THAN 3% of men between the ages of 30-45 experienced ED
However, TODAY it is estimated that somewhere between 25-40% of men in this age range are experiencing ED

So what the hell is going on here!

Why are so many more men experiencing ED today than they were in the 1940s? What in the hell could be causing this new pandemic!?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons for this.

And I go deeply into them in the “Rock Hard for Life Formula”…

so you don’t become one of these statistics!

And if you already are one of these statistics, I show you how to turn that around simply and naturally…

so you are Rock Hard for Life!

The point here is…

the world is VERY DIFFERENT than it was in the 1940s.

But the category of “Men’s Health” has not kept up and adapted to these changes like it should.

You need a system that specifically deals with the modern world YOU LIVE IN TODAY, not the world of yesterday.

A modern world that is killing our masculinity and our God given rock hard erections!

You need a natural holistic system that gives you Rock Hard Erections for life, REGARDLESS of your AGE!

A system built for TODAY’s world!

That is what the “Rock Hard Life Formula” was designed to do, from the bottom up.

I put having Rock Hard Erections for Life at the CENTER of MEN’s HEALTH!

Because, while having Rock Hard Erections alone is not enough to tell you that you are in optimal health.

NOT HAVING Rock Hard Erections definitely tells you that your health is not optimal.

And that could be resulting from physical, mental, or emotional health problems… or any combination of the three!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a complete holistic solution…

that addresses all three of these erection boosting pillars of your BodyMind.

Men should be getting rock hard erections all throughout their life…

PERIOD. That is what the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is designed to do…

easily and naturally.

As Harvard’s Dr. Michael P. O’Leary states “erections serve as a barometer for overall health.”

I couldn’t agree more.

That’s exactly what “Rock Hard for Life Formula” does…

it puts Rock Hard Erections at the CENTER of MEN’s HEALTH! So you can enjoy them your ENTIRE life.

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is super simple to understand and ridiculously easy to use! And it can work very quickly… within seconds!

Look, I’m super busy just like everyone else.

I don’t have a lot of time or mental energy to spend on supercharging my erections.

And I know you don’t either.

That’s why “Rock Hard for Life Formula” was built from the ground up to be simple to understand and easy to use!

Epigenetic’s sounds complicated…

and it certainly can be.

But I make it so simple that even a young child can understand it.

And to be honest, you don’t even have to know how it works to get amazing results!

Everything you need is laid out step by step and is very easy to implement.

Just follow the simple steps and get the Rock Hard Erections you want and deserve.

And it can work very quickly…

some of these techniques take just seconds to do!

Perfect if you’re lazy or just don’t have time to do a bunch of work.

And you don’t need any current skills of knowledge to get fantastic results!

In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t so you don’t have to unlearn a bunch of stuff.

The system is simple…

anyone can use it.

You don’t have to be a scientist or even understand science.

You just have to follow simple steps that anyone can understand and implement.

And as I stated earlier, the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is an Installation System.

Just complete the simple steps and everything you need gets permanently installed inside you.

So those stage 4 rock hard erections become automatic and effortless…

the way they were always meant to be!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” supercharges the SOURCE of your erections, so it’s great for all forms of ED… as well as helping to prevent ED in the first place!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” doesn’t just focus on erections…

it focuses on getting Stage 4 Rock Hard Erections for Life! The HARDEST erections known to man!

To put that in context, here is a summary of the 5 Stages of Erection:

Stage 1: Initial Filling – Hormones and neurotransmitters cause relaxation of smooth muscle, increasing blood flow to penile chambers.
​Stage 2: Partial Erection – Penis elongates and expands due to penile arteries dilating and bringing in more blood.
​Stage 3: Full Erection – Penile veins constrict to prevent blood from escaping and penis expands to full erection.
​STAGE 4: RIGID ERECTION – The tip and body of penis enlarge to FULL CAPACITY until veins are forcefully compressed and MAXIMUM RIGIDITY is attained.
​Stage 5: Return to Flaccidity – After ejaculation, blood flows out of penis returning back to flaccid state and refractory period begins.
So MAXIMUM RIGIDITY is what my system focuses on.

But why do I focus so heavily here at “Rock Hard for Life” on attaining and maintaining these long lasting Stage 4 erections?

They build your sexual confidence like nothing else!
They are incredibly satisfying to your lover… she has NO DOUBT that she turns you on and she can FEEL IT!
​You no longer have to worry about being unable to penetrate your lover or maintain your stiffness during sex.
​Erections are the true barometer of a man’s health. If your erections are consistent, long lasting, and as hard as they can be, what does that say about your health?
Do you see now why these stage 4 erections are so important and incredibly powerful?

Contrary to what many “experts” will tell you, there are many different forms of ED. It’s not just physical…

or mental…

or emotional.

It can be any of these or any combination of the three and it’s unique to each man.

For instance, some men can get hard during oral sex, but lose it once they go to penetrate their partner.

Other men can get hard when they masturbate, but not at all when they are with a real woman.

Other men don’t get hard at all, even with porn.

That’s why “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a comprehensive holistic approach.

Because you want to address all pillars of getting stage 4 Rock Hard Erections, regardless of the context you are in.

You want to be the guy who gets Rock Hard whenever he wants!

Just imagine the level of CONFIDENCE that will give you!

Confidence that spills over into every aspect of your life.

The mechanisms of the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” have been shown to work over and over again, regardless of the source of your ED.

“I was having some major problems with my erections. I was only getting partially hard at best, most of the time I wasn’t getting hard at all… even while watching porn. After going through “Rock Hard for Life Formula” now I get incredibly hard… to the point where it almost gets uncomfortable. When I’m with my lover I now stay hard and last so much longer… it’s incredible!” ~ A.P. Age 50 – Houston, TX

“I used to take ED drugs and hide them from my wife because I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get and maintain a rock hard erection. Now I do it all naturally and easily through the Rock Hard for Life Formula! It’s amazing!” ~ N.D. Age 36 – San Fernando, Trinidad

“Getting erections is much faster, and so much freaking harder since starting the ‘Rock Hard for Life Formula’!! I had to bend over and push my hard dick down to piss the last two days! Like when I was 20! Ended up getting hard manually 2x in the middle of the night when I woke up… because I could, lol! Also, now 5 weeks in and dropped another inch off my waist this am. That’s 2” so far, from 46 to 44”! ~ S.F. Age 57 – Philadelphia, PA

So here’s the key:

STOP focusing on “fixing” your ED and PE.

That just produces more performance anxiety.

START focusing on supercharging the stage four erection boosting power of the BodyMind with the “Rock Hard for Life Formula!” And become the big bad bed busting boner machine you were born to be!

Once you start getting consistent long lasting stage 4 rock hard erections, what do you think that will do to your ED and PE?

And if you don’t currently have ED or PE… If you are getting these erections whenever you want, how likely do you think it is that you will ever develop ED or PE in the first place?

What if I have a chronic disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Depression… is this going to work for me?

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is a very healthy system. It’s a modern men’s health system with rock hard erections at its center.

If you follow the simple step by step process…

your overall health and erections are almost certainly going to improve significantly.

However, while ED is not a disease (it’s a dysfunction), certain serious diseases can certainly cause ED.

If you have one of these diseases you need to be working with your doctor as you go through my system.

Show your doctor the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” and explain to them what you are planning on doing in my system to improve your erections.

The techniques are very healthy and it’s hard for me to imagine a doctor that wouldn’t be on board with my system.

But, if your doctor is only giving you options like pills, injections, or surgery…

I’d highly recommend you get a second opinion.

If you want rock hard erections for life, you need a doctor who is on board with assisting you in getting them naturally.

If you are on diabetic, heart, anxiety, or depression medication…

these can all significantly impact your erections.

As you go through “Rock Hard for Life Formula” your health will almost certainly improve.

And your need for these medications may become less and less.

But you absolutely MUST work with your doctor to wean off these medications as your health improves.

That is NOT something you want to try doing on your own.

The great news is that the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” uses the cutting edge science of epigenetic’s.

Epigenetic’s is not only an extremely powerful tool for getting rock hard erections for life.

It’s been shown to be very promising in addressing the chronic diseases that can cause ED as well!

Here are some quotes from prestigious scientific journals:

“There is increasing signs that epigenetic’s plays a role in the development of Type 2 Diabetes, and also contributes to the complications of diabetes.” – The Diabetes Council

“Epigenetic pathways offer a new perspective in the control of gene regulation, with significant applications to human Cardio Vascular Disease.” – Canadian Journal of Cardiology

“Growing evidence supports the hypothesis that epigenetic’s is a key mechanism through which environmental exposures interact with an individual’s genetic constitution to determine risk for depression throughout life.” – JAMA Psychiatry

“What if I have permanent ED … will this work for me?”

I hate the term “permanent ED” or “permanent impotence.”
I use the term sparingly because…

men need to really understand how serious the consequences of not addressing the SOURCE of their erectile problems can be.

But when men are given the label “permanent impotence” it can be devastating.

Because most guys who are told that, never get over it.

If you believe and feel that you are “defeated” your blood gets flooded with “erection killing” biochemicals.

If you believe and feel that you are “winning” your blood gets flooded with “erection boosting” biochemicals.

This is just how it works…

it has been proven time and time again in multiple scientific studies.

Now… am I saying that having empowering beliefs is all it takes to have rock hard erections?

No, not at all. There is a lot more to it than that! And there is way more to epigenetic’s than just belief systems…

But it’s important to understand that beliefs are a very important part of the mix.

The truth is it’s very difficult to get rock hard erections if you have the following two disempowering beliefs:

I have “permanent impotence” and there is nothing I can do about it
I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing will work for me
I personally don’t believe in permanent impotence.

And I don’t believe that anyone has tried everything…

there are always new things to try.

If you’ve ever had a rock hard erection…

then you most definitely have the genes that produce rock hard erections in your body…


They haven’t gone anywhere.

They’ve just been “switched off.”

You can learn to “switch them back on” easily and naturally.

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” is completely discreet and private, no one will know you’re using it unless you want them to!

Look I understand the embarrassment, fear, and emasculation that comes from having erections problems…

I’ve been there.

That’s why I made “Rock Hard for Life Formula” completely discreet and private.

Nothing is shipped to you. Everything is accessed through computer, tablet, or smart phone instantly and is password protected.

And your credit card statement won’t say anything about sex or erections.

You will just see the name “Zander Holt Research Group” on your statement.

No one ever needs to know…

unless you want them too.

For instance, you might want to let your woman know…

So she both understands as well as knows how to really help you.

So you don’t have to hide it anymore which only makes erection problems worse…

and causes you to avoid sex.

So you can date without having to worry about how you are going to “bring up” potential erection issues.

So you can have an amazing partner who understands, accepts you, knows how to effectively help, and is truly on your team.

Let’s talk about that for a moment…

If you are dating or already have a partner, and you want them to both understand and help you overcome your erection problems. I give you powerful tools to do that quickly and easily!

I want to emphasize first of all that you DO NOT need to tell your woman ANYTHING for the “Rock Hard Life Formula” to work it’s wonders on you.

Not at all!

But, it does make things easier and less stressful on both of you if you can speak easily and freely about it.

And the freer and less stressed you feel, the easier it is to attain and maintain those Rock Hard Erections.

And let me help you understand something about women when it comes to men who have erection issues.

Women have a deep NEED to feel that they are sexy, desired, and turn you on!

When a man has erection problems, it causes her doubt all those things.

She can’t help but have an unconscious reflex reaction that “it’s her fault.”

She’s not turning you on for some reason.

“Have I put on weight?

Do I smell?

Did I do something wrong?

Is he seeing someone else?!”

These are just some of the thoughts that might race through her head as she tries to figure out why she isn’t “giving you” an erection.

Unfortunately, women have been socialized to believe that men will always get rock hard at the drop of a hat.

As long as you find her desirable and sexy.

When you don’t get hard…

or you get hard but then lose it right before or after you penetrate her, she can’t help but think on some level that it’s her causing that.

This a real challenge for us as men, because we all know that it’s not her.

But how do we get that across simply and effectively without making things worse?

Because that’s what women really want to know…

that’s it’s not them. They want to be assured that they are indeed the sexy vixens that you just can’t help but crave.

What if I told you I give you the powerful tools to do just that?

So she KNOWS she’s that irresistible sex kitten that you are just unable to resist…

even if she experiences you having erection challenges.

I give you the exact simple words to say…

and WHEN to say them so she understands that your challenges have NOTHING to do with her.

I show you how to handle this in a way that is going to make you look like a much STRONGER MAN in her eyes. A powerful, confident, honest man…

who is not afraid of being vulnerable.

Who does NOT measure his worth as a man by his erections.

Who is not ashamed…

but is open and loves himself.

These qualities are EXTREMELY sexy to women!

Instead of being seen as a weak, ashamed man that hides and avoids intimacy with her.

Which is how most men are seen that emotionally withdraw because of ED or PE.

These are optional but powerful tools that I knew I had to include in my system.

Because if I would have had these tools…

I might of avoided divorce.

And if all my system did was help men avoid that fate…

that alone would be worth dedicating the rest of my life to doing this!

But I go even far beyond that…

I’ve included a very special BONUS for the guys who want to be free and open with their woman or women they are dating.

This a very special video that shows women how all kinds of things can get in the way of achieving and maintaining those rock hard erections…

and that it is not her fault!

This expert advice goes way beyond her just understanding.

It goes into specific things she can do that really helps you achieve and maintain those rock hard erections.

Non-obvious things that probably neither of you have considered.

And equally as important it shows her what to AVOID…

things she may be doing unconsciously that effectively weakens your rock hard erections…

or causes you to ejaculate too quickly.

When your woman truly understands and knows what helps and what doesn’t, it makes a WORLD of difference…

for both of you.

I want to help as many men as I can…

because I know what’s it’s like to be in a relationship as well as date while struggling with ED and PE.

That’s why I’m giving it to you for FREE when you join the “Rock Hard for Life” tribe today. It’s optional to use…

but man is it powerful if you decide to go that route!

You don’t need a sexual partner for this to work, but it sure is great to have one… and the “Rock Hard for Life Formula” will help effortlessly attract them to you!

The “Rock Hard for Life Formula” teaches you how to naturally “turn on” your primal masculine genetic code.

This not only gives you Rock Hard Erections, but it also naturally makes you more: confident, assertive, bold, and self-expressive!

These are qualities that women find irresistible.

They will automatically be more attracted to you…

like bees to honey!

And I’m going to include a very special bonus today that I will talk about in a moment that will make this even more powerful.

Amplifying your natural masculine magnetism to new heights.

Automatically getting you more and more sex without even trying.

Because you are the descendent of our powerful alpha male ancestors.

Because deep inside you lies the primal genetic code that women can’t help but crave and lust after.

Because everything you need to have rock hard erections is already inside you, just waiting to be “unlocked.”

Because your genetic destiny of being an incredible sex god lies just within reach…

desperately waiting for you to “switch it on!”

Introducing the…

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