Youtube Seo Course: Dominate Youtube Search & Rank #1


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What you’ll learn

  • SAVE valuable time and effort by optimizing videos for YouTube’s search results instead of relying solely on recommendations to get discovered.
  • DISCOVER YouTube keyword research tactics to find high-traffic and optimize videos for improved search visibility on YouTube
  • UTILIZE on-page YouTube SEO Course’s Best practices to optimize titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, playlists and channels for higher rankings.
  • STEAL my own “YouTube Optimization CHECKLIST” that helped me grow my own YouTube channels and get tons of videos ranked #1
  • MASTER YouTube’s ranking formula by optimizing for factors like video metadata, engagement signals, audience relevance, and production quality.
  • LEVERAGE video transcripts and closed captions to enhance YouTube SEO by making content more accessible and indexable for better rankings.
  • IMPLEMENT strategic use of video timestamps and chapters to boost audience retention, a key YouTube ranking signal for higher video placement.

Here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • Find quality keywords with high search volume and low competition
  • How to find opportunities in Google and YouTube search
  • How to break free from YouTube’s “vicious cycle” punishing new channels
  • How to create a structured video optimized for search from the get-go
  • How to upload a video using a 12-step optimization process
  • How to push a video high on search after it’s live
  • How to optimize your channel and use secret “ninja tactics” for higher competition keywords

Learn from an instructor who has created over 5+ faceless YouTube channels and learned the secret to YouTube SEO BY ACCIDENT, after diving deep into studying search strategies instead of chasing virality and recommended views.

You will learn things revealed for the first time, including “ninja tactics” like link wheels and similar metadata optimization that no one else teaches.

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