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Imagine owning a business where you are not required to sell anything to create more than a full-time corporate level income.

Better yet, imagine a business that requires no more than 3 hours per day to maintain and grow (yes, at max we spend 3 hours per day in our business).

Doesn’t really sound legit, does it?

Here’s the thing, after 3 years of building highly successful viral news businesses I have never been so sure that the approach we are now following is more long-term and lucrative than ever before.

If you have been following the craze, you’ve seen me and my students generate results like this before:

For starters, all it takes is one Google search for my name or my viral news brand, Madsense for you to see the insanity we have been cooking up over the past couple of years.

Generating money with Google Adsense is nothing new to us, we’ve been at the frontline blowing up publisher accounts for more than 3 years now.

With this new approach we are still crushing Google Adsense, but we have implemented another few networks to maximize the heck out of our profits.

And for the doubters, eat this…

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