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“Get The Newly Revised UNCHAINED MAN BOOK Plus 30 Days of Exclusive Video Training for SUPER Cheap”

Dear Friend,
My primary book, The Unchained Man, has sold over 100,000 copies.

It has helped thousands of men all over the world…

• Make more money

• Attract more and/or better women

• Get free from the 9-5 grind

• Hit big goals

• Date multiple women instead of just one (or zero)

• Get 100% location independent

• And much more
Maybe you read it
I am in the process of updating the entire book, all 444 pages of it, for the 2020s.
It’s a big project. The book will be ready on or before October 25th, 2023.
You can reserve a copy for yourself. You’ll get the full unabridged audiobook too, in my REAL voice (none of this AI voice bullshit).
If you choose to reserve your advance copy before July 10th, I will also give you something very special I have never done before…
On or before October 25th, you will get an entire Alpha Male 2.0 Unchained Man lifestyle course called 30 Days To The Unchained Man.
This is 30 training videos, done by me, that cover all aspects of the Alpha Male 2.0 life. They are pulled right from the pages of the book with extra material not in the book.
You will get one lesson sent to you per day for a full 30 days. It’s a step-by-step process to becoming an Alpha Male 2.0.
Nomrmally I would charge $1000 – $1500 for a course the size and scope of this.
But if you choose to pre-order the book, it’s just $97.
So you get the new book in digital format (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB), the new audiobook (in standard MP3 format), and the 30-lesson video course for just $97.
You’re crazy if you don’t do this.
In the book (and the course) you will learn how to:
  • Design a high-income, low-work business that you can run from anywhere with no employees.
  • Design an entire life structured to make you happier and increase your personal freedom.
  • Be more focused on your big goals while still maintaining personal freedom and happiness. Hit those goals faster!
  • Design the perfect type of relationship for you: casual, very serious and committed, or something in-between. One where you can love a woman but still be free what to do whatever you want without having to “check in” with anyone.
  • Overcome mental blocks to your own happiness, most of which you don’t even know are there!
  • Better manage your time and reduce stress.
  • Increase your income, faster!
  • Integrate women, or that one special woman, into your life with fewer restrictions on your happiness, freedom and masculinity.
  • Improve your confidence.
  • Dramatically improve your relationships and dating life.
  • Look better!
  • Make more money from fewer hours of work.

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