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The 16-Word Sales Letter™ is a copy system that has generated over $120 million dollars for Agora Financial in the last two years alone. It’s a simple formula that could help you generate millions in online sales…

No matter how competitive your niche is….No matter what kind of product or service you’re selling…And no matter your level of experience.

That’s because it can not only help you identify a new big idea for your market, but also help you structure your sales message for maximum emotional impact. If you’re a copywriter, marketer or entrepreneur, you’re about to discover a secret that could help you dominate your market, crush your competitors, and potentially add millions to your business and personal bank accounts.

Advanced Praise for The 16-Word Sales Letter™ “This is the book I’ve been waiting for. For years, I’ve been asking myself: How can a guy whose native language is not even English be one of the best U.S. copywriters in history? Now I have the answer… nicely reduced to a simple, understandable formula.

And the best thing is that it’s a usable formula. Anyone seriously interested in copywriting should discover Evaldo’s secret.” —Bill Bonner, Founder of Agora. “It’s not often that I come upon a copywriting strategy that feels new to me. And even less frequently do I encounter one that is both new and exciting. Evaldo Albuquerque’s “16 Word Sales Letter™” is such a strategy.

I’m going to recommend this as a must-read to all my copywriting proteges.” —Mark Ford, best-selling author and chief growth strategist for Agora.“Evaldo is the world’s greatest copywriter you’ve never heard of. Why haven’t you heard of him? Because while others are selfpromoting … heck, while they’re eating, sleeping and relaxing… he’s cranking out the next blockbuster.

He never stops. He’s a 9-figure sales machine and our business’s secret weapon. This book is your blueprint to how the machine dominates. Read it and put it into action. Your royalty check will thank you.” —Peter Coyne, founder of Paradigm Press, Agora Financial’s largest imprint. “I’m recommending this book to everyone in my company, and making it required reading for all new hires.

When it comes to books on “writing” I try to read everything new, and no matter how many books I pick up, I rarely find any ideas that are innovative (or even useful), but this book shattered my expectations—I found page after page packed with fresh ideas.

It’s engaging to read, and very easy to implement the writing techniques. Evaldo has uncovered a new way to write sales copy that is perfect for today’s buyers; I really love this book, and after you turn the first two pages, you’ll see exactly why. It’s a must-read primer for anyone who writes sales copy…. Read this book—and learn from one of the best.” —Oren Klaff, best-selling author of Pitch Anything and Flip the Script “Few people know his name.

Yet, those at the highest levels of direct response advertising consider Evaldo Albuquerque the Michael Jordan of modern financial copywriting. His new book, The 16 Word Sales Letter™, reveals for the first time the secret to his astonishing success.

In split tests, the selling formula Evaldo reveals in his book has won, repeatedly, against ad copy written by the world’s top copywriters. When asked at a recent seminar I gave what are the two best books I’ve ever read on copywriting, my answer was Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz and The 16 Word Sales Letter™ by Evaldo Albuquerque.” —Caleb O’Dowd,

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