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Exclusive Commercial License: AI Business Services

  • Receive AI Article Generator & Article To AI Tweet
  • Includes 2 AI automation services [Value: $456]
  • Expand benefits to other businesses
  • Unrestricted use within your own operations

Get ahead with our Commercial License, tailored for businesses intending to harness AI automation in-house and extend these benefits to client businesses. It empowers you to optimally leverage our technology, enriching your operations and the businesses you partner with.

Are you poised to launch your AI Business but uncertain about where to begin?

Welcome to our definitive course that demystifies AI businesses and elucidates their game-changing potential. We provide you with the essential knowledge and tools required to establish your prosperous agency.

Enter the realm of AI Automation, presented by Webcafe AI, a trailblazer in the industry that’s successfully serving a vast array of markets. This course functions as your roadmap, revealing our trusted practices and deep-seated industry knowledge.

Most importantly, no coding is required! This course has been designed with a no-code approach, ensuring you can harness the power of AI automation without getting lost in the complexities of coding. Regardless of your experience with AI or coding, this course is tailored to provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions.

That’s not all – we go above and beyond by providing a commercial license to sell AI Article Generator and Article to AI Tweet, AIAA Landing Page, among other materials.

Are you ready to construct and scale your AI business? Embark on this transformative journey by diving into the first lesson of this comprehensive 24-lesson course today!

What’s Included In The Course…


Introduction to AI Automation Agency

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal concepts, benefits, and tools that are essential for founding a thriving AI automation agency.

  • What is an AI Automation Agency? [9 Minutes]
  • Benefits of an AI Automation Agency [6 Minutes]
  • Essential Apps for an AI Automation Agency [8 Minutes]
  • Foundations of AI Automation Agencies [QUIZ]

In this introductory segment, you’ll be introduced to the significance and advantages of AI automation agencies, discover the key applications integral to the sector, and reinforce your newfound knowledge through an interactive quiz.


Building an AI Automation Agency

Delve into the hands-on process of building your AI automation agency with detailed lessons on essential tools like Zapier, OpenAI, Webflow, Basecamp, Stripe, and Calendly.

  • Mastering Zapier: Folders, Flows, and Functionalities for Your AI Agency [33 Minutes]
  • Navigating OpenAI: Limit Extensions, Billing, and Beyond [7 Minutes]
  • Webflow Mastery: Building Landing Pages, Implementing Code, and SEO [39 Minutes]
  • Basecamp Essentials: Client Templates, Resource Management, and Effective Communication [11 Minutes]
  • Financial Management with Stripe: Payments, Subscriptions, and More [11 Minutes]
  • Streamlining Schedules with Calendly: Meetings, Presets, and Management [9 Minutes]
  • Building Blocks of Your AI Automation Agency [QUIZ]

This module guides you through mastering critical tools such as Zapier, Webflow, Basecamp, Stripe, and Calendly. You’ll learn everything from flow creation to financial management, supplemented with a quiz to validate your understanding.


Pragmatic Skills For AI Automation Agency

Master practical, revenue-generating skills for your AI automation agency, from optimizing ChatGPT and Zapier blocks to creating compelling email funnels and enhancing app connectivity.

  • Perfecting ChatGPT Blocks in Zapier: Data Limits, Formatting, and Long Text Outputs [27 Minutes]
  • Harnessing ‘By Zapier’ Blocks: Fundamentals of Formatting ChatGPT Outputs [13 Minutes]
  • API/Webhooks & Zapier: Enhancing App Connectivity and ChatGPT Use [7 Minutes]
  • Launch and Profit: Building an AI Article Generator for Your Agency’s Portfolio [20 Minutes]
  • From Article to AI Tweet: Amplifying Your Content Strategy [9 Minutes]
  • Effective Onboarding: Understanding Apps, Identifying Pain Points, and Exploring Solutions [7 Minutes]
  • Compelling Email Funnel: Engaging Cold Leads [5 Minutes]
  • Operational Mastery in AI Automation Agency [QUIZ]

This module equips you with the hands-on skills crucial for an AI automation agency. From optimizing ChatGPT blocks to enhancing app connectivity and developing AI-driven content strategies, we also delve into key aspects of client onboarding, addressing pain points, and crafting enticing email funnels.


AI Automation Agency Services to Sell

Discover how to monetize your AI automation agency by turning existing content into revenue-generating assets and using data-trained ChatGPT chatbots.

  • Turning Articles into AI Email Campaigns [20 Minutes]
  • Database To AI Email Marketing [19 Minutes]
  • ChatGPT Chatbots Trained on Business Data [16 Minutes]

In this module, we dive into the practical aspects of service offerings your AI automation agency can leverage for revenue. Learn how to transform articles into AI email campaigns, use databases for AI email marketing, and train ChatGPT chatbots on business data, each becoming a sellable service to expand your agency’s portfolio.


Growing Your AI Automation Agency

Learn strategies to elevate your agency’s growth, utilizing AI marketplace resources and harnessing AI-powered chatbots.

  • Taking It to the Next Level: Scaling Your AI Automation Agency [6 Minutes]
  • Utilizing Webcafe AI Marketplace: Prebuilt Automations for Your Agency [4 Minutes]
  • Mastering BotBrew: Harnessing AI-Powered Chatbots for Business Growth [3 Minutes]
  • Expanding Your AI Automation Agency [QUIZ]

This module provides actionable insights to take your AI automation agency to the next level, including utilizing the Webcafe AI Marketplace for prebuilt automations and mastering BotBrew for AI-powered business growth. Culminating with a quiz, it sets you on the path to effectively expand your AI automation agency.


Final Thoughts

Obtain guidance on overcoming potential challenges and take the final steps in your journey towards running a successful AI automation agency.

  • Navigating Roadblocks: Consultations, Automation Requests, and Joining the AIAA Community [2 Minutes]
  • Wrapping Up: The Journey Towards a Successful AI Automation Agency [3 Minutes]

In this concluding module, we guide you through effectively navigating potential roadblocks, including leveraging consultations, automation requests, and the benefits of joining the AIAA community. The final wrap-up provides a comprehensive overview of your journey, paving the way towards establishing your successful AI automation agency.

Unlock the Secrets to Building Your AI Business

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive course tailored to equip you with the essentials of AI automation and valuable industry insights.

  • Comprehensive Training: Master AI automation with our easy-to-follow, 24-lesson course, designed for beginners and experts alike.
  • Industry Insights: Access our trusted business practices and deep-seated industry knowledge.
  • No Coding Needed: Learn to use leading-edge software and tools without needing any coding skills.
  • Ready-to-Use Services: Get a head start with our commercial licenses for the AI Article Generator and Article to AI Tweet.
  • Client Management: Dive into practical aspects of client acquisition, retention, and seamless workflow automation.
  • Reinforced Learning: Benefit from quizzes designed to reinforce your learning and accelerate your journey to establishing a successful AI Automation Agency.

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