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Social Power and Charisma Implant System is a six week online course that’s designed to help you do four things:

– Implant an extremely “high value mindset” into you.
– Implant attitudes and behaviors in you that command desire and respect from girls
– Use charismatic communication to gain power over your social world
– Use your “high value reputation” to become “The Prize” hot girls naturally chase.


Week 1: The Attitude Equation

The first thing we implant you with in week one is a High Price Tag.

HERE’S HOWAs you know, most guys place a very low price tag on themselves because they’re willing to trade their status and power to be “liked” by a girl.So in week one, we’re going to implant you with a brand new attitude that instantly slaps that BIG FAT EXPENSIVE PRICE TAG on you.See, there is a good chance your failures with women over the years have had a lot to do with your attitude.Your attitude portrays a guy with very little value, a guy who is easily intimidated, constantly fails tests, and who willingly and repeatedly trades away his power and status.After years studying high value guys I uncovered three specific attitudes that signal value, status, and power, and make it impossible for a girl to think she’s better than you..

Week 2: Charisma Implant

In week two, we do three things:

– Implant charismatic qualities into you to make sure your new high value attitude doesn’t make you come off cold or indifferent towards girls
– Show you how to demonstrate the #1 trait that creates sexual charisma.
– Show you how to lead a girl into “your world” so that she begins to tune out other guys and focuses all her attention on you

There’s a simple process I run a girl through that mixes fun, excitement, nostalgia, and sexuality, and it called Taking Her Back to the Playground.Getting her to associate you with intense positive emotions.Creating an experience that distracts her from everything else going on in her life.Giving her permission to explore a more wild and carefree side of herself.Bringing out her appetite for pleasure.

Week 3: Crafting Your Story

Here’s the thing: Just about every social scene I’ve entered since college I’ve been able to date and sleep with the hottest girls (and make friends with some pretty cool dudes as well).
And that’s across all kinds of scenes. And it was with very little “superficial” advantages. Heck, I was a house painter living on $350 a week, driving a crappy car, and living in a dingy house with four roommates, and was still juggling three different girls.
And its NOT because I’m a great talker, great looking, or anything like that.

HERE THEY ARE:In the first two weeks we begin implanting you with new socially powerful and charismatic attitudes and behaviors so that you become more “appealing” and desirable to the girls you meet.In week three, we’re going to take it a step further, and we’re going to focus in on your specific social world.And we’re going to get you crystal clear on what particular “story” is most likely to become magnetic to the girls in your specific social world.

Week 4: Controlling Her Perception

Now its time to take the story we’ve built and turn it into a well oiled seduction machine.
Everything a girl perceives about you is based on five specific things.


  • What girls surmise or assume about you
  • What girls are told by other’s about you
  • What girls hear about you
  • What stories or “legends” are repeated about you
  • Who you are associated with, and who they associate you with in their mind

Week 5: Presence and Personality

See most guys think they lack an attractive, fun, or powerful personality, but most often you just need to learn how to display your personality in an attractive way.And that usually just involves a handful of subtle tweaks that you’ll discover this week.The tweaks we’re going to make this involve two specific areas:

Personality Implant (So that you inject high value traits into your personality so that you’re more fun to be around, have an “edge” and become “sticky” in the minds of everyone you meet)

Create an Alluring Image (So that your external image is congruent with your reputation and new high status attitude and behaviors.

Did you ever meet a guy that just seemed to be super interesting, had like a 100 different things to talk about, just seemed to know all the cool new music, places, etc.? No matter who he was talking to it just flowed out of him?He was always ON!

Week 6: High Status Communication

Now that you’ve tied everything together, it’s time to communicate that value.This week you’ll discover how to communicate that identity with every conversation you have.

These types of conversations have five critical characteristics:

  • You’re communicating from a position of “implied value.”
  • She is investing equal or more effort into the conversation than you are
  • You are connecting with her
  • She is seeking your validation rather than the other way around
  • You are always in control and leading the conversation

And that’s exactly what you’re going to accomplish in week 6.

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