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What’s Inside Exactly? Take a Sneak Peek 👀

The Content Audit Blueprint

Re-Deploy Your Authority

The main reason websites lose their ranking is because they fail to maintain the quality levels expected by Google on a sitewide level.

This is often a result of aging content, out-of-date information, poor user experience, and user metrics, or simply because your competition has caught up and outdone you.

As a result, the average page quality decreases over time, and when you reach a critical point where your score dips below the average of your competition, this often spells BIG trouble for organic traffic.

We’ve developed a custom scoring system along with a pre-built Notion System that will help you identify and remove or update “Unhelpful” fast, as well as redeploy your link profile strategically.

What You’ll Find Inside The Blueprint:

👶 Introduction: How The Process Works

🔬 Part 1: Case Studies

🤖 Part 2: Crawling Your Site

📋 Part 3: Preparing Your Audit Environment

🕵️ Part 4: Grading Individual Pages

🤔 Part 5: Making Decisions

✅ Part 6: Getting Audit Decisions Done

The E-E-A-T Blueprint

Earn Google’s Trust Back

E-E-A-T is a big deal for Google rankings since the infamous medic update released in 2018. Ever since, the sites that do not pass Google’s “legitimacy” threshold have seen their rankings drastically diminished.

If your site is not built the way Google intends it to be, chances are, this could be affecting your traffic negatively.

Our E-E-A-T Blueprint is by far the most practical guide to reflecting E-E-A-T on your site and will give you all the tools you need to bring your site back into Google’s good graces, including:

What You’ll Find Inside The Blueprint:

🤝 Introduction: How E-E-A-T Works

🎓 Growing Perceived expertise

🧪 Displaying Experience in your content

💪 Establishing Authority

😍 Earning Google’s Trust

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