Semen Retention Mastery - A 21-Day Challenge to Supercharge Your Life

Semen Retention Mastery – A 21-Day Challenge to Supercharge Your Life


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Semen Retention Mastery

A 21-day, guided semen retention challenge to help you build your sexual power, clarify your life purpose and create the life you want.


► Watching life pass you by

► Getting distracted by porn & fantasy

► Feeling sexually depleted

► Not living at your cutting edge


► Feel confident and powerful in all areas of your life

► Master the art of semen retention

► Commit to yourself fully

► Know your purpose and take action to create the life you want

Over these 21 days, you will…

1. Build Your Sexual Power

With Semen Retention, Tantric and Taoist Practices – and integrate this energy into your entire life in healthy, safe and practical ways.

2. Clarify Your Life Purpose

And anchor this deep within your body with guided somatic exercises, reflection and visualization.

3. Create Your Ideal Life

And ensure success with daily action & accountability – so you feel driven, supported, confident, alive, connected, clear, and joyfully in alignment with your purpose.


► In-depth & practical instruction on everything you need to know to supercharge your life with semen retention in a powerful, safe and balanced way

► Daily videos & emails to guide you on this journey (for 21 days)

► Weekly live group coaching/accountability calls (on Zoom)

► An online accountability group with all the men in this training

► Downloadable PDF exercise guides

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