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Perform At Peak Capacity.

Professional athletes and elite exercisers may be able to train full-time, but what about those of us who want a better body or to achieve amazing feats of physical performance but have busy lives and jam-packed schedules? Athlete and author Ben Greenfield will arm you with the tools, strategies, and systems you need to look, feel, and perform at your peak physical and mental capacity, without spending your entire day exercising or dieting.

In this course, Ben covers topics such as how to avoid injury, imbalances, or overtraining, how to address crucial elements that most exercise enthusiasts overlook, and how to quickly develop natural, ancestral strength, balance, mobility and physical function. You’ll learn how to customize your daily nutrition and workout fueling protocols so that you can get adequate calories without destroying your metabolism or expanding your waistline. From your gut-brain connection to mind-hacking tactics to sensory system enhancement, Ben will show you the crucial role the nervous system plays in fitness, and will reveal strategies for being mentally and physically prepared for any challenge life may throw at you.

Whether you want to run a marathon, do an Ironman triathlon, complete an adventure race, launch into Crossfit, are a dedicated gym junkie, or just want to shed fat fast and get rid of fatigue, this course will equip you to feel your best and perform at your peak capacity.


  • Class Introduction: Duration:32:46
  • Introduction Seven Big Issues in Training: Duration:19:29
  • The Right Way vs. The Wrong Way to Train: Duration:44:06
  • How to Test Your Body: Duration:35:57
  • How to Test Your Body Pt. 2: Duration:27:38
  • Notoriously Neglected Elements of Training: Duration:42:56
  • Mobility: Duration:20:52
  • Balance: Duration:14:17
  • Bio hacking Your Body: Duration:41:27
  • Bio hacking Your Body Pt. 2: Duration:30:16
  • Fueling for Performance: Duration:13:04
  • Foods for Performance: Duration:43:22
  • Fermented Foods & Sweeteners: Duration:15:13
  • Ultimate Human Performance Juice & Smoothie: Duration:18:44
  • Supplementation for Performance: Duration:41:58
  • Supplement Stacks: Duration:27:53
  • Customizing a Plant-Based Diet: Duration:23:10
  • Diet Tip for Aging Athletes, Females & Kids: Duration:16:03
  • Rules for Fasting & Ketosis: Duration:19:36
  • Optimal Diet Q&A: Duration:17:19
  • Digestion 101: Duration:46:43
  • How to Heal Your Gut: Duration:32:59
  • Stress Reduction for High Performers: Duration:45:40
  • Stress Reduction for High Performance Pt. 2: Duration:20:17
  • Reducing Stress: Social Proof: Duration:16:13
  • Household Solutions for Active People: Duration:27:09
  • Homemade Body Products for Active People: Duration:35:23
  • Sleep Your Way to Better Performance: Duration:24:07
  • Sleep Bio hacks: Duration:19:02
  • Supplements for Sleep: Duration:27:30
  • Sleep Stages, Insomnia & Jet Lag: Duration:17:02
  • Optimize Your Brain: Duration:33:52
  • Optimize Your Brain Pt. 2: Duration:37:57

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 Achieve Ultimate Human Performance: file size 13 GB hosted only tracker. Please contact before make payment


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