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The proven list-building blueprint is baaaack… and even better than ever.

Here’s a fun fact: organic social reach continues to plummet – with the average post reach and engagement around 1-3%.

Yup, that’s right, 97-99% of your “fans” will never see or engage in your content.

Plus you don’t actually OWN the relationship with your fans.

Any of the biggies (FB, IG, YouTube, X, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) can shut you down at any time, for any reason, with no warning and zero recourse.

(Good luck getting even a pity reply to your pleads of mercy!).

Building a social media following is a lot of work. All those fans you “hustled” for months (or years) to gather?

Gone in an instant and there’s no way of reaching them again! How’s that for a kick in the (fill in the blank).

But on the flip side, an email list even with a decent 30% open rate reaches over 900% more of your peeps than social posting…and you OWN that list.

Your list is your most valuable asset.

I sold three companies and the first question each buyer asked was “how big and active is your list?”

Email = MONEY

Did you know up to 85% of your sales (and profit) happens in email? And yet, most marketers focus on “vanity” social media metrics like fans or followers because it’s “sexier” to sell.

Try telling your bank “but I have 12,000 FB fans!” when the mortgage is due (good luck with that!)

Want to sell a course? Membership site? Coaching? Digital products? E-commerce? Books? Events? Certifications? Summits? Software?

It ain’t sexy, but email is where the sales happen all day long.

The Easy Way to 7X Your List Profits

You’ve probably heard “every email subscriber is worth $1 per month” and that’s true for the way most people build a list.

Unfortunately, most of the list-building techniques taught focus more on the size of the list over the value of your subscribers.

But when you build your list the right way – with the offer and the right peeps – everything works better.

Higher deliverability. No complaints. And your numbers will be MUCH higher… more like $3 to $10 per subscriber per month.

Yup, a modest list of just 1,700 subscribers can be worth up to $17,000.00 per month. Crazy, huh?

So how do you do it? How do you build a big list filled with the right peeps?

Watch Travis Build a List… from scratch… right before your eyes!

“Over the shoulder” in real-time. seriously.

MY PEEPS isn’t some generic $2K course filled with 99% “fluff”.

I’m sorry, but you won’t find 2-hours of Travis telling endless stories about how he was homeless for a while (he actually was!) while you’re dying for “the meat”. Nope – not wth Travis. Not with MY PEEPS.

Instead, you’ll hit the ground running – diving right into the HOW-TO of simple, lean, fast, effective and efficient list-building.

Ain’t no “theory” here.

Travis actually opens up his dashboard and builds a list from scratch, in real-time, right before your eyes.

You’ll see his landing pages, his ads, his top-secret resources for traffic within 10 minutes. 

Here’s an actual screenshot of Travis doing his thang and blowing minds…

Ahh… So Simple!

Don’t you hate it when some marketer overcomplicates list-building?

They’ll talk about complex, 19-step retargeting campaigns, special pixels, multiple programs for people watching just 3 seconds of a video vs 9 seconds.

The funny thing is none of them actually do this! They brag about their complexity on podcasts ‘n’ webinars so you buy their expensive course or hire their overpriced agency or… gulp!… pay their $15k coaching fee.

But Travis is cut from a different cloth. He shows you how SIMPLE it is.

After all, he builds lists from his beachside house in Puerto Rico so he can surf most of the day. The last thing he wants (or needs) is complication and overwhelm.

His system is SIMPLE and it WORKS!

You’ll hit the ground running – diving right into the HOW-TO of simple, lean, fast, effective and efficient list-building.

This is a 4-week recorded program where Travis takes you by the hand, shows dozens of real-world samples, where (and how) to get traffic, sample landing pages, and even his favorite “secret” traffic sources he’s never shared.

Let’s Build Your List… The Simple Way!

Travis changed so many lives in the first version of My Peeps, he’s coming back for another round.

This is his exact list-building system… the same one that’s generated eye-popping results for his 7 and 8-figure clients.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside MyPeeps 2.0…

  • BIG list, tiny budget: How Travis built a list of over 200,000… starting at just $20 a day
  • Build Your List FAST: How he built a list of over 75,000 subscribers – in 10 days.
  • Oversized Profits with a “Micro” list: How to create a super-tight, massively profitbale “micro” list
  • Build a Titanic List by Working LESS: Travis is a one-man, list-building machine. See his exact “leverage” system and how he builds these incredible lists while surfing every day.
  • Get Subscribers.. for FREE: Watch ‘n’ lean as you’ll see the truth about building your list and getting ’em for free.
  • The “Triple P” Framework: Get the internal documents Travis uses for his list-building business that works every time.
  • And so much more..

Oh yeah, we’re just getting started. Check out some of the models we’ll explore..

Who is Travis Speegle?

Travis Speegle lives his life with a clear mission: “To live an AWESOME life and help others do the same”

He was that funny little kid who would rather sit and watch infomercials instead of Saturday morning cartoons… so it’s no surprise that he’s been able to craft overwhelmingly successful marketing campaigns over and over again.

Since his first online venture in 1996, Travis has been responsible for well over $100M in media spend across email, DRTV (infomercials), radio, direct mail and digital advertising. His campaigns have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue…

And they ALL started with one simple ad that generated a lead.

Today, Travis lives with his beautiful wife, Heidi, and 4 vexatious cats on the west coast of Puerto Rico where he surfs every day and continues to work on select projects that help people live a more awesome life.

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