Pip Factory Academy Course

Pip Factory Academy Course


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Why Pip Academy

Learn Forex Trading With Our Easy, Effective and Step by Step Guide

Knowledge is the key when it comes to the business of trading. At Pip Academy, we have gathered comprehensive, complete, and most importantly the most up-to-date educational resources for traders to learn how to succeed in the business of trading. 

Resources are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders for free!


Start your trading journey by learning the basics. This section is specially designed for beginners to fully understand the basics of forex trading.


Now that you know all the basics, let’s get into more details.

In this section, you get to know all the important trading terminologies and learn how to utilize them in your trading.


You’re getting there now! In this final level, you will learn how to put the knowledge that you have gained from the previous levels into action. The advanced level is specifically designed to get you started with your trading journey.

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