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How To Dance for Men Online Dance Academy “Dance Floor Basics” Program

The Systematic, Analytical Approach for the “Everyday Guy” with NO Previous Dance Experience to Learn how to Dance.

Find out Step-by-Step, How to Become Comfortable on the Dance Floor, Start Having Fun, Without Looking Silly – No Fancy Choreography or Ballroom Dancing involved!

How the program works:

The Dance Floor Basics program is a 7 day, step-by-step program that will take you through the process of:

✔  Picking up rhythm
✔  Moving to the beat
✔  Loosening up your body and stop looking stiff and tense
✔  Learning a set of casual, versatile, basic dance moves
✔  Connecting the dance moves together
✔  Learning how to look and feel “natural” when doing the dance moves
✔  Transitioning from dancing in “private” to dancing in “public”
✔  Start having fun at social events, parties and weddings

Get professional VIDEO feedback on your progress!

If you ever need help or feedback on your progress, simply record a 15-30 second video of your progress and submit it through the instructor feedback portal. You will receive a detailed video response in 2 business days from one of our staff instructors.

After going through the program, you can expect to experience these benefits:

✔  You will be able to step out onto the dance floor, automatically catch the beat, and start grooving, moving to the music

✔  You will be able to join in on the fun at parties and social functions, instead of watching from the side, being left out of the fun

✔  You will start looking forward to opportunities to dance, instead of shying away from them

✔  If you go out with your lady friends within this next month to a party or social function, you will receive compliments AT LEAST ONCE on being a “good dancer”

What’s Included:

  • ​”Dance Floor Basics” Full Program: 4 core modules with 62 training videos
  • Bonus Rhythm Training Mini Series: Learn how to “count beats” and develop rhythm
  • 365 Days 110% Guarantee: 110% unconditional, “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee
  • New Dancer’s FAQ Bonus: Most commonly asked dance-related questions answered!
  • ​Dance Music Collection Kit: 24 original beats that are perfect for dancing to
  • ​Follow Along Dancercise Series: 12 additional follow-along modules for practice

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