Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist

Paul Xavier – 30-Day Content Strategist


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There are 3 REASONS most people FAIL within the first 12 months of starting their business:

  1. You have no consistent monthly cashflow
  2. You aren’t charging a high enough price for your videos
  3. You have no predictable system for finding & landing new clients

Notice how none of these 3 problems have ANYTHING to do with you having great filmmaking skills or the best camera equipment… đź‘€

The real reason people fail is because they are focused on the WRONG THINGS.

Just like any profession, it’s not always the “best artist” that makes the most money… It’s the talented artist that also has business skills & tools.


30 Day Content Strategist

The first ever [proven] 30 Day implementation program with everything you need to start a 6-figure content strategy business and get your first or next client in just 30 days guaranteed.

…Even if you don’t have advanced filmmaking skills, website/technology skills or business experience. Everything you need is provided step-by-step in this program.

In just 4 weeks here’s what you’ll get:

  • Guaranteed to land you your first content strategy client in 30 days
  • Proven step-by-step systems for generating $5,000 – $35,000+ per month selling content strategy packages to business owners
  • 4 week program which takes you through; the opportunity, how to win deals and outsource the fulfillment to contractors, how to land clients with laser targeted “Bullseye Videos”, how to build a hyper-focused list, how to get referrals, and much more…
  • The EXACT process I used to start an outsourced video editing team of rockstars that edit A+ content FAST and AFFORDABLY
  • Assistance on completing the project for your first client so you don’t freak out when they send over the check and you have to actually do the work
  • Access to over $10,000 in legal contracts to protect yourself as a Content Strategist & expert training on how to use them
  • How to use the money you generate from content strategy as “Cashflow” to invest and scale your investment portfolio
  • Behind the scenes of my Content Strategy business – DNC Media. I show everything I do to execute my business including job shadows of shoots, sales call recordings, financial management, interviews with my clients, team members, and more
  • Access to a member-led community of the world’s best Content Strategists around the world doing the same thing

30 Day Content Strategist Curriculum

Week 1 – Millionaire Mindset

  • How To Win With This Program
  • The 4 Week Process (Watch First)
  • 30 Day Content Strategist Action Item Checklist
  • Joining The Community
  • All Discounts
  • Behind The Scenes: DNC Media
  • Creators Operating System
  • How To Achieve Your Goals Faster
  • Personal Power
  • Time Management Mastery

Week 1 – Value Creation

  • EXPLAINED: Why People Buy Content Strategy
  • EXPLAINED: What Is Content Strategy?
  • EXPLAINED: One-Offs vs Retainers
  • EXPLAINED: Videographer vs Content Strategist
  • EXPLAINED: Pricing A Content Strategy
  • EXPLAINED: Offensive vs Defensive Content
  • SETUP: Business LLC
  • SETUP: Business Bank Account
  • SETUP: Business Credit Card
  • SETUP: Paypal Account

Week 1 – Content Asset EXPLAINED

  • EXPLAINED: Sales Funnels
  • EXPLAINED: Value Videos
  • EXPLAINED: Video Business Cards
  • EXPLAINED: Paid Video Ads For Social Media
  • EXPLAINED: Testimonial Videos
  • EXPLAINED: Case Study Videos
  • EXPLAINED: Short Form Content / Reels
  • EXPLAINED: Video Podcasts
  • EXPLAINED: Automation Videos
  • EXPLAINED: Process Videos
  • The Art Of The Interview

Week 2 – Marketing Mastery

  • Our Favorite Marketing Strategies
  • Hot, Cold & Warm Markets
  • EXPLAINED: Outreach
  • TEMPLATE: Outreach
  • EXPLAINED: Video Messages
  • DEMONSTRATION: Video Messages
  • TEMPLATE: Video Messages
  • EXPLAINED: Social Media Posts
  • DEMONSTRATION: Social Media Posts
  • TEMPLATE: Social Media Posts
  • EXPLAINED: Networking Events
  • EXPLAINED: Email Marketing
  • EXPLAINED: Joint Ventures
  • TEMPLATE: Content Strategist Social Media Posts
  • DEMONSTRATION: Content Strategist Sales Funnel

Week 3 – Sales Mastery

  • EXPLAINED: Earn The Deal Sales Process
  • How To Sell One-Offs
  • How To Sell Retainers
  • Proven Content Strategy Packages
  • EXPLAINED: Discovery Form
  • DEMONSTRATION: Discovery Forms
  • How To Run Earn The Deal

Week 3 – Contracts + Setting Expectations

  • EXPLAINED: Ultimate Onboarding Process
  • Costly Expectation Setting Mistakes Beginners Make
  • How To Set Crystal-Clear Expectations w/ Clients
  • DEMONSTRATION: Customizing The One-Off Contract Template
  • DEMONSTRATION: Customizing The Retainer Contract Template

Week 4 – Systemized Operations

  • How To Run A Deep Dive Meeting
  • EXPLAINED: Pre-Production
  • TEMPLATE: Pre-Production Checklist
  • Running The Shoot (Actual Production)
  • Post Production
  • How To Hire Video Editors
  • How To Build Websites
  • How To Systemize Retainers To Save You Time
  • How To Find & Hire Your Expert Team

Week 4 – Financial Freedom

  • EXPLAINED: Profit First
  • DEMONSTRATION: Financial Management
  • EXPLAINED: Freedom Fund
  • EXPLAINED: Developing An Investment Plan
  • Hiring A Bookkeeper / Accountant

The first two weeks of the program are currently done and up in the training portal! The remainder of the course is being uploaded on a daily basis!

If you take this course and follow our exact marketing instructions… you will get a client worth at least $3,000.

If you go through this course, take action and do not land a client worth at least $3,000 – I will give you a full refund, let you keep the material AND shoot you a personal video-message apologizing for wasting your time.

Why would I do this?

It’s simple. If you are the type of person who wants to buy this, go through it and not do anything you’re not going to get any results and this is NOT for you. I’m not going to waste my time teaching you only to refund you at the end for your own stupidity.

However… If you are the type of person who buys this, goes through it and then takes action by sending the bullseye videos and marketing strategies as outlined I honestly believe that you will get a client worth at least $3,000. If you don’t then it is a fault with my system and I’m willing to own up to it by refunding you in full, letting you keep all the materials and giving you a personal video-apology.

If you ask for a refund how will I know if you took action or not?

As part of the course and the action accountability you are required to take photos of every bullseye video you send, networking event you attend and marketing strategy you complete. This is to hold you accountable, force you to take action and to track the results of your winning. If you ask for a refund you will be asked to prove that you have created and sent bullseye videos + attended at minimum 3 networking events; the photos & videos.

The Two Most Rapid Breakthrough Years Of My Life…

Hi, I’m Chris Bal, but you can call me Ceebz. A 34 year old Content Strategist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Two years ago I had less than $1,000 in my bank account, was $32,000 in debt, 2 failed businesses, barely paying rent on time for my 1 bedroom apartment and just hoping another person would call to hire me to shoot any type of video.

Today I have a $40k+ per month Content Strategy company called DNC Media with $25k+ per month being recurring monthly cashflow and the other $15k being one-time passion projects.

Now it hasn’t always been this way, I started my video business for two reasons…

First I have always loved creative filmmaking. The idea of making money doing what I love is what led me to quit my 9-5 as a salesperson for a car dealership.

Second was I desperately needed cash to pay the bills and keep myself afloat in my early entrepreneurship days.

When I started out I’d sell videos for just a couple hundred dollars and didn’t think I could turn it into a “Real Business”.

After about a year of selling videos on the side of trying to start a software company that ultimately failed… I decided to take my Video Business seriously since it was the only thing that was actually paying my bills.

That’s when I luckily came across and ad from Anthony Gallo & Paul Xavier at that changed my life.

They shared that by pivoting from being a “Videographer” to a “Content Strategist” I could:

  1. Create enough monthly recurring cashflow with just 3-5 clients to generate over 6-figures in profit
  2. Increase my video rates on one-off projects by 5X by selling RESULTS
  3. Use their copy & paste system for getting new clients each week

So I took the leap, joined their $10,000 Content Strategist Mastermind and implemented everything they said as FAST as I could.

What started out as something fun to do just to cover the bills, video quickly turned into my secret weapon.

I used Content Strategy to generate cashflow and now I use that cashflow to invest in Real Estate Investments & buy back my time with a team that does all the work I’m not extremely passionate about.

I also used the cashflow from Content Strategy to make some dramatic changes to my lifestyle…

I was able to get paid to travel to the most beautiful places in the world to shoot content for brands, buy a nice car and build a team that does 95% of the work for my clients so I can spend my time doing what I love.

All of this happened within 22 months…

Over those 22 months I tried a ton of different things to get clients and run a profitable but low maintenance Content Strategy business putting Anthony & Paul’s teachings to the test and I learned what works and what doesn’t.

Earlier this year Anthony & Paul invited me to take-over their mastermind where I’ve worked with 40 people to start a wildly profitable content strategy businesses from scratch.

All of them had different levels of marketing skill and time availability but all of them were successful.

Today, we are releasing for the first time ever the exact same training our $10,000 mastermind clients get to show anyone how to build a wildly profitable content strategy business and get your first high paying client in just 30 days.

We’re calling the course “30 Day Content Strategist” because if you follow the program and timeline you will land your first client in 30 Days Guaranteed.

Finally generating consistent monthly cashflow which you can then take to build other businesses or leverage for investing.

It’s getting started in entrepreneurship that sucks…

As someone who had a feast or famine income for a years, I can tell you learning how to fix these things will 100% change your life.

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