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Idea Finder: Uncovering ideas for digital products

Having a digital product of your own to sell is awesome.

Things like ebooks, courses, templates, resource libraries, creative assets.

Even something small, priced under $50 can be a great source of income.

When you set up the right business model they can even get close to being a completely passive income stream.

And digital products can be easy to create.

So why don’t more people create their own digital products and add some extra $ to their bank account?

Because… they don’t have the ideas to get started.

Plenty of “gurus” are out there teaching the “build audience, create and sell product” but very few people are talking about how to get the ideas to turn into a product.

Even worse, you’ll hear people say something like “ideas are worthless, it’s all in the execution”


Try telling that to someone who’s about to lose their mind from the frustration of not having an idea to even start executing on.

It all starts with an idea.

If you’re struggling to find an idea, maybe scrolling mindlessly through motivational posts on social hoping that the perfect problem will suddenly appear.

Knowing all the steps to build something but not getting over the first hurdle – what problem to solve.

If this sounds like you, I know how you feel.

I’ve been there plenty.

I can confirm it’s frustrating.

I can confirm it feels like you have all the pieces of the puzzle, ready to go.

Except that one important thing.

The idea.

I can confirm you won’t have something magically drop into your lap.

The only way forward is to be proactive.

The only way forward is to take action.

Don’t become the Wantrapreneur who always talks about what they’re going to do, one day, but never builds anything.

Increase your chances of finding an idea worth turning into a digital product by looking with intent instead of waiting for something to come to you.

How do you shift from zombie passive mode to actively uncovering ideas?

It’s easier than you think and I’ll show you how with Idea Finder

Idea Finder gives you more than 20 different places and techniques to go digging for the perfect idea. Conveniently split into 10 categories.

Instead of just explaining them in text, I also recorded myself over the shoulder demonstrating some in action. There are 9 short video walkthroughs to make idea finding even easier.

In Idea Finder you will get:

  • 8 platforms to “listen in” on people already talking about the problems they want to solve.
  • A tool to find groups of people in almost any niche, where you can go and uncover their problems.
  • The simple technique for getting social media influencers to hand ideas to you on a plate.
  • An alternative to passively consuming social feeds hoping for ideas to pop up. We get proactive in finding problems and make social work for us.
  • A platform with 100 million monthly users that you probably didn’t even think of as a source of digital product ideas.
  • An ethical way to use other creator’s courses to find your own product ideas.
  • A foolproof method for generating ideas for products even if you know very little about the niche. I walk you through it in 5 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • 5 free publications that you must subscribe to for a regular shot of idea inspiration.
  • 3 tactics for using search engines to tell you what problems people need solving.
  • How to leverage the largest ecommerce store on the planet to provide you with near limitless ideas.
  • And more…

When you get Idea Finder you’ll never be short of ways to find the sparks that can become digital products.

Imagine sitting down at your desk, opening the laptop and, at long last, being able to put together a product you can sell.

I can tell you it’s a satisfying feeling (maybe only beaten by the feeling of making the first $ from selling it)

Get access to Idea Finder right now

On desktop, look at the top right 👆 and hit the “I want this!” button.

On mobile the “I want this!” button is down at the bottom👇

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

You’re spinning your wheels trying to find an idea for a digital product. You’re tired of passively hoping something is going to magically appear in front of you and want to take action.

Who is this not for?

You’ve already got plenty of ideas you can turn into products.

Why should I listen to you?

I’ve been in your shoes. Itching to create something I can sell but not having an idea to turn into a product.

Eventually I figured out that I had to make the effort to find ideas and not wait for ideas to come to me.

I’ve used these techniques to create digital products, tools and newsletters (yes – you can generate idea for more than just small digital products).

What kind of digital products are these ideas good for?

Although the content mostly doesn’t refer to specific digital products, these are perfect for getting ideas to create:

  • Guide / eBook
  • Template
  • Resource Library
  • Course
  • Creative Assets (written, graphic, video, audio, etc)
  • Data
  • Checklist
  • Webinar

But if you have bigger ambitions, there’s no reason you can’t take an idea and create websites, software, no-code tools or anything else.

Does this guarantee I’ll find an idea for a digital product?

No. But versus doing nothing, you’ll massively increase your chances of finding something.

Does this show me how to create a digital product?

No. The purpose of this guide is to get you over the first hurdle – getting an idea.

Will this product help me choose a niche?

No. Not directly. The assumption is that you’re coming into this with a target audience or topic already.

But if not, you can apply these techniques to multiple niches and find what idea and niche combinations get you the most excited.

If I have questions, can you help me?

Yes. My email is available to you in the intro. I’m happy to answer questions.

What do I do next if I want to buy Idea Finder?

On desktop, look at the top right 👆 and hit the “I want this!” button.

On mobile the “I want this!” button is right below 👇

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