Nina Clapperton – 6 Months to 50k Sessions Masterclass


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Learn The Exact Steps to Get 50k Sessions in 6 Months

  • Are you a persevering travel blogger, desperate to increase your traffic past 5,000-35,000 sessions a month?
  • Would it push you over the edge to hear ONE more comment about your “little hobby blog”?
  • Are you anxious for your blog to generate more than a $100 a month?

Juggling a “real” job AND blogging can feel like a never ending circus act.

Working multiple gigs when your dream is to monetize your blog so that you can work for yourself and be location independent is….defeating.

You don’t have time to squeeze in one more long winded SEO course to your already jam-packed work week.

You gotta work to make money, but then you’re too burnt out to focus on your blog!

I get it – when I first began this journey in 2018, I was traveling full time, working, AND writing blog posts.

Hopelessly stuck at 6,000 sessions, I was never confident enough to know if monetizing my blog was really possible.

Then it hit me. 

I needed to get accepted into Mediavine, the best paying ad network for travel bloggers out there.

You need to get into Mediavine, fast.

  • Mediavine has some of the highest RPMs in ad networking.
  • Joining Mediavine equates to thousands of dollars pouring into your bank account each month.

Imagine quitting your soul-sucking day job to welcome in a couple thousand dollars each month – courtesy of your blog!

But how does the average part-time blogger reach the 50,000 sessions needed to be accepted into Mediavine?

What You’ll Get With This Program

  • Mini course with 6 targeted monthly action plans so you can maximize your time during your 6 month sprint to Mediavine
  • 7 short, guided videos so you can conceptualize the tasks you need to accomplish and get to work implementing strategies quickly
  • A list of my favorite blogging resources so you can use the same tools as the pros
  • Blog FAQ section tutorial so you can find the best FAQ keywords to lengthen any post and bring in thousands of extra page views
  • tips so you can quickly churn out high quality posts at a fraction of your normal writing speed
  • Topic specific 6-month timeline so you can prioritize tasks and spend less time second guessing yourself
  • Batch content format so you can take advantage of your brain’s “flow” energy and ride the wave of increased productivity

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