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Matt Teuschel – Agent Lead Gen Mastery


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Agent Lead Gen Mastery 2.0 Is A 4-Part System For Professional Agents

#1: Pre-Made Marketing System

Don’t start from scratch. We give you everything you need to start generating leads immediately. Proven copy-and-paste Facebook ads, funnels, follow-up sequences, “Smart CRM”, lead management, List Reactivation, and more.

#2: Training University

Get a Masters Degree worth of video training on everything from generating leads to sales training specifically for the insurance and retirement planning industry.

#3: Weekly Group Coaching/Mastermind

Join us every week for our live coaching and mastermind to review ad campaigns, ask questions, and connect with other agents.

#4: GoHighLevel

Built on top of the GoHighLevel platform, ALGM 2.0 comes with a 30-day free trial to GoHighLevel so you can get started ASAP.

Access a Proven and Tested, Life Insurance, Annuity, and IUL Marketing System

This is not a system I threw together just so I can start selling it.

This system has been helping real agents generate real leads, interested in life insurance and retirement planning, for years using time-tested, proven marketing principles.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you get in Agent Lead Gen Mastery 2.0:

✅ Copy-and-Paste Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are our bread and butter when it comes to generating leads because they work when done correctly. But instead of you creating your own or paying a marketing agency thousands of dollars to create them for you, we give you our tested and proven Facebook ad campaigns that you can literally copy-and-paste into your own Ads Manager.

✅ Offer Specific Marketing Funnels: ALGM 2.0 has pre-made lead generation funnels for Life Insurance, Annuities, IUL’s, and Wealth Management. These funnels are specifically designed to turn cold leads into hot leads who want more information and request to be contacted.

✅ Professional Website: Don’t spend thousands of dollars and/or dozens of hours building a website. We give you a professional website specifically designed for generating leads and positioning you as the expert.

✅ Lead Magnets: This is what we use to get people to opt-in to the funnels and become leads, and they’re already pre-made for you. These are free guides and checklists designed to provide value to your prospects first by teaching them about what they requested. Examples include our Affordable Life Insurance Checklist, Retirement Income Checklist, Annuity Income Guide, and more.

✅ Long-Term Follow-Up Sequences: As cliche as it sounds, the fortune truly is in the follow-up. You MUST stay in front of your leads long-term if you ever expect to do well. ALGM 2.0 has long-term email, SMS, and ringless voicemail follow-up sequences designed to continuously educate your leads and provide calls-to-action for people to request or book a call with you.

✅ Smart CRM: What do you do when a lead gives you a wrong number? No shows an appointment? Ghosts you after a really good call? These are just a few of the frustrating things that can happen when dealing with leads. The ALGM 2.0 “Smart CRM” allows you to move leads into certain stages of your pipeline to trigger automatic emails/text messages when a lead does something you don’t want.

✅ Training University: Access an entire library of training videos on everything from customizing your account, to copy and pasting your Facebook ads into your Ads Manager, to implementing additional marketing systems.

✅ Weekly Group Coaching/Mastermind: Join us every week to review campaigns, address any issues you’re having, get GoHighLevel support, connect with other agents, and how to take your business to the next level.

✅ 30 Day Trial to GoHighLevel: After you sign up, you’ll complete a short onboarding form that will allow us to create an account for you on our white labeled version of GoHighLevel. It’s only $97/mo, just like a regular GoHighLevel account, but everything is pre-made specifically for life insurance and retirement planning. You’ll also get instant access to new updates whenever I add something to the system.

Needless to say, this program has literally everything you need to start generating your own exclusive, real-time life insurance and/or retirement planning leads.

You just have to pull the trigger and put in the work. That’s it!

Customer Questions & Answers

These are some common questions I get regarding the course

How many leads can I expect to generate every month?

The goal is 25-50 leads per month, but it depends on your ad budget and the states you are licensed in. Every state is different and will results in different lead costs, which results in a different number of leads each month per state. This is why we strongly recommend being licensed in as many states as possible. The more states you can target in your ad campaigns, the better your campaigns will do.

How much ad spend do I need to invest?

We recommend no less than $20 per day. You don’t have to run your ads every single day of the month, but any less than $20 per day for an ad campaign just doesn’t give Facebook enough to optimize as fast.

What will my lead costs be?

As mentioned above, it depends on the states you are running ads in. Competition is different from state-to-state, resulting in different lead costs for each. So we recommend being licensed in as many states as possible because this can bring your lead costs down significantly.

What if I have questions?

You can always post any questions you have in the Facebook group. A link to join the group should be in your purchase confirmation email. You also get access to our weekly coaching/mastermind meeting where you can ask all the questions you want.

What is the lead quality like?

The system we provide is designed to generate exclusive, high-intent leads who actually want more information about life insurance or retirement. Does that mean every lead will be excited to hear from you? Absolutely not. No system is perfect. But our system is setup in a way that it gets people coming to YOU versus the other way around, thus significantly increasing the quality of the conversations you have. So the quality will never be perfect, but it’s far better than buying leads who have no idea who you are for much higher lead costs.

Can I cancel the $97/mo subscription to GoHighLevel?

You can cancel anytime. But you won’t have access to the ALGM 2.0 system anymore.

How does your whitelabeled version of GoHighLevel work?

You get access to everything you would with a regular GoHighLevel account, except the Agency Dashboard. But if you wanted to create your own funnels, workflows, add team members/other agents, etc. you can absolutely do that. I don’t hold back anything with your GoHighLevel account. Doing it this way though allows me to quickly and easily push any new updates to the system directly into your sub-account. So when I add to the follow-up sequences, create a new funnel or workflow, update the CRM, etc. you’ll have instant access.

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