John Overdurf – 12 Daze Bundle 2022


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Direct from Flying Pig Farm Trainings and Master Classes A deep and expansive foray into… Liberating the Mind Inside -Outside Spacetime

This is something you won’t find anywhere else. It is leading edge. It’s a three program series into my newest, most innovative and practical advances in Mind Liberating Language… beyond what I had put out last year.

It is the latest product of my 43 years of clinical and teaching experience and then some. : )

Mind Liberating Language combines non-linear inductive language patterns with embodied approaches which operate on more fundamental areas of the brain and nervous system. So it is not just a “head” model, it deeply affects heart and gut.

Each training segment is filled to the brim powerful, new processes and mind expanding information based on the the neuro-scientific work of Donald Hoffman, Lisa Feldman Barrett, the psychedelic research of Robin Carhart- Harris, Quantum Bayesian Theory of Chris Fuchs and the transpersonal work of Carl Jung.  All this is integrated with more spiritual traditions like Hawaiian Huna, Buddhism, and other Esoteric Contemplative Traditions.

Below is a sampling of this three program series, which is a combination of 12 hours of live training videos and TelecoachingU audios. Each program includes comprehensive teaching and multiple full-out video demonstrations of the principles and processes.

1. Backing into No-thingness

How can you simply take a client outside of spacetime to No-thingness?  Based on the newest findings in quantum physics and neuroscience this is a simple process to access the VOID, nothingness, which needs almost no explanation, no non-linear language patterns, just some basic attention-shifting.

This flexible process can be used as a rapid induction; a seamless pattern interrupt; a way to collapse unwanted states and beliefs; and a process to de-identify from the “I”.    Check it out.

2.  Trance-Ending Then to Now

How can you work virtually content-free at the level of structure and process to resolve stuck memories and emotions to end the trance of the past or future and be in Now?

This a new model which conversationally bends spacetime, using precise mind liberating language, recursion, and memory re-consolidation.

More details here

3. Liberating the Mind Changing Relationships

How can you work systemically at the level of relationships of elements of an issue as much as the elements themselves, to create deep resilient transformation?

This is an innovative suite of easy, modular techniques using non-linear inductive language in its simplest forms, quantum perceptual positions and Rhizomatic Principles.  How simple can a process be and still be effective?  You’ll find out!   Learn More

Mind-blowing. Powerful. Practical.

On more of a personal note, what I’ve learned in the last year or so has really challenged my existing experience of reality.  It shook it loose, while expanding it in the best possible way.  (Those who were in TelecoachingU can attest to this!)   Frankly, it took some significant study, contemplation, and repetition to really get to a place where I could codify and ground all this into practical application.                         

(You’ll understand when you watch and listen to the series.)

But once I did, in  Steve Job’s last words,  “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow!”  And…You never know how far a change will go!

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