John Grimshaw (Smart Marketer) – Smart Email Marketing 2022

John Grimshaw (Smart Marketer) – Smart Email Marketing 2022


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We completely updated Smart Email Marketing to tackle the biggest problems (and opportunities) facing email marketers in 2022.


Facebook is still the #1 platform for reaching new audiences, but it isn’t converting as well since iOS 14.

Fortunately, email has a 2.5x higher conversion rate compared to ads.

Our Email Marketing System (packed with 22 advanced campaigns) will help you convert your Facebook traffic for a fraction of the price, so you can maximize your ROI.


If email accounts for less than 40% of your revenue, then you have a major opportunity for growth!

Not only is email the most profitable sales channel (approx. 40x ROI vs 1.5x on Facebook), it’s also the most reliable.

Think about how much of a headache Facebook has been over the last few years (especially iOS 14), or how many businesses have crumbled because of a Google update.


Organic reach on Facebook has dropped to 2%, which means 98% of your audience doesn’t even see your marketing.

Meanwhile, email’s 80% organic reach makes it the cheapest way to nurture leads and generate repeat purchases.

That’s why it’s crucial to adapt to iOS 15 & the new Google update, so you can avoid the Spam folder and continue to get clicks and opens.

A new Gmail update is cutting email sales in half… Here’s the solution we used to 2X opens, 4X clicks & take back our revenue.

Gmail made a big algorithm change in January 2022.

All the sudden, brands like ours — that follow best practices and send emails our customers actually want — found themselves in the spam folder.

Oh, and our email sales plummeted overnight.

We tried everything to fix it: changing our copy, mailing to different segments, even hiring a service… but nothing worked.

Then we found the solution.

Our resident email expert (and your course instructor) John Grimshaw discovered the answer: ✔️shift to a dedicated sending domain and ✔️run a warm-up email sequence.

In a few short weeks, we 2X’d opens and 4X’d clicks. Hallelujah!

We estimate 30–40% of businesses have already been affected by Gmail’s update, but even if you haven’t yet…

We recommend you start preparing now.

That way, your email revenue doesn’t plummet during your biggest promo of the year (like it did for us).

We cover the entire 4-step process — including email templates you can swipe for your warm-up sequence — in Module 6 of Smart Email Marketing.

An On-Demand Training Program That Teaches Anyone How To Grow A Brand With Email.

The new Smart Email Marketing is the most up-to-date email marketing course on the planet. It’s packed with 107 streamable videos, 22 advanced campaigns, 110+ email templates & examples, and 55 different course resources to help you turn email into a huge revenue channel for your business.

What’s Included

Each module of SEM combines strategy sessions, step-by-step tutorials, email templates, and 55 brand new course resources to give you a clear path to success.


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