Joe Elite ICT – 30 Day Masterclass

Joe Elite ICT – 30 Day Masterclass


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Joe Elite ICT – 30 Day Masterclass

Hello folks,
See, Fear is a thing of the mind,
And if not properly handled, can be very limiting…
It can severely impact your ability to achieve personal or professional goals, experience happiness or even develop a meaningful career
Even Joe himself frets before the market at times.
But hear me, if you want to make any significant progress in your professional life, you’ll have to go beyond your fears and step into the waters…
I’ve learnt to control fear the hard way too.
More on fear in the “30-Day Mentorship”. I’ll cover those in Trading Psychology.
I once heard a Trading Psychologist say that when fear becomes overwhelming, you experience fright: You neither fight nor flee; in fact, you do nothing.
I can certainly attest to this from professional and personal experiences over the past 7 yrs…
Sometimes I just get so anxious of the outcome of a decision that I do nothing, and yes, I regret my “inactions”…
It’s easy to fall into the trap of anxiety and simply watch others take all the moves while you watch, but not for long, your delay soon catches up with you.
Don’t Fall for the Fear Trap.
If you’re yet to take action for the Mentorship, I think you still have a chance to…
I’ll be opening the Mentorship for the rest of the week again.
We’ve not gone too far, nothing you can’t catch up on in a few days…


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