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Number Close To Naked: The Complete Guide To The First Date & Beyond With TUSK (Online Video Product)

Over the last 5 years, The TUSK Team have been on hundreds of dates with girls across the globe.

This dating product is a culmination of everything we’ve learned about the dating game; We have streamlined and simplified what we know into exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to dating.


Texting to get the girl out on the first date – you have the hot girl’s number…exactly how do you set up the date?

Pre-Date Preparation

  • How to prepare your home to make it more ‘girl friendly’
  • Basic pointers on personal preparation & hygiene
  • Overview of Project -Tusk’s dating structure

The First Date: First Venue

  • Exactly where to meet the girl and why
  • The topics to talk about and conversational threads you can implement straight away to make the girl feel comfortable
  • Basic physical escalation methods to get her comfortable with your touch
  • How, why and when to move the next venue

Second Venue

  • Where to go with the girl and why
  • How to verbally escalate the conversation
  • How to physically escalate on the date
  • How and when to kiss her
  • How to take her out of the bar and lead her to your place

Outside Your Place/ Inside Your Place

  • How to lead the girl into your house
  • Exactly what to do and say once you are in your place
  • When and how to text the girl to set up the 2nd date
  • 2nd date ideas after the 2nd date
  • When and how to text the girl to set up the 3rd date
  • 3rd date ideas

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