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GMB Mobility is a guided practice to increase useful range of motion throughout your body. It combines clinically backed flexibility exercises with functional movement training to help you move more freely and confidently in all your activities.

  • No Equipment
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We designed GMB Mobility to work alongside your current training to improve athletic ease and performance. Or you can use it on its own to help you move better with less pain in everything you do.


Everyone’s got movements where they’re tight or restricted, and you’ve probably tried a few different ways to make yours easier. From basic stretches to the new functional mobility mobilizer stuff that takes longer than your actual workouts.But if you’re reading this, chances are none of it helped as much as you wanted.

That’s why we created GMB Mobility. It’s an easy-to-follow practice to help you do the two fundamental things you need to build useful mobility:

  1. Gain access to the ranges of motion that are holding you back, and
  2. Integrate those ranges into actual movements so your new flexibility translates to the activities you care about.

This is the same strategy top athletes use to make sure they can easily access all the ranges their sports require. But we’ve boiled it down to a simple practice anyone can use to move better in the gym, dojo, outdoors, or wherever you do your thing.

The key is bringing together the two key elements of useful mobility: stretching and movement.


If you ever got a new baseball or softball glove as a kid you probably remember stretching it every which way to try to break it in. But if you wanted it to fit your hand and work well for catching balls you had to actually use it, too. Mobility is like that. Stretching is important, but if you want it to help you move better you have to actually move, too. Here’s how it works:

Proven Flexibility Exercises to Expand Range of Motion

Clinically-backed PNF-style stretching protocol for efficient improvement

Increase flexibility and strength into and out of stretched positions

Trains your nervous system to allow greater functional range safely

Make Your New ROM Useful with Functional Movement

Stretching is followed by targeted locomotion exercises in the same ranges

Teaches your body to control your new ranges of motion

Integrates ROM into practical movements for athletic performance

By thoughtfully integrating stretching and movement you develop ease in the movements that used to give you trouble like deep squats, different shoulder motions, or wherever you’ve been stiff and sore.

But for most people it’s not just one move or position. It’s a bunch of little things you get used to over time but end up sapping your performance.

That’s why GMB Mobility eases tightness throughout your body with a special emphasis on areas that support athletic performance.


Moving athletically requires every part of your body working well together, but that doesn’t mean each part contributes equally. We designed GMB Mobility with special emphasis on the areas that give you the biggest dividends in how your body performs and feels.

Full-Body Results Every Session

At the core of GMB Mobility is a full-body practice for easing restrictions from your feet to your neck, so you never have to cobble together different routines to hit all the important areas.

Focused Progress Where You Need It

Each full-body session emphasizes one of the key body areas or ranges for athletic performance like your hips, shoulders, legs, or torso. So the flexibility and mobility you build translate directly to better performance.

Foundational Mobility Baked In

Your hips and spine have more impact on how you move and perform than any other part of your body. So hip and back mobility is baked in throughout the program to give you a foundation of pain-free mobility in everything you do.

This way you never have to worry about whether you’re doing the right stretches or focusing on the right area. You just log in and follow the program for that day, and you’ll get results.

But anyone who’s done flexibility work knows consistency is key. So we organized GMB Mobility in a way that keeps you moving forward and learning new things while still getting better at the important stuff, so you look forward to seeing what’s new in each session.


We designed GMB Mobility with a cyclical structure so you’re not just doing the same few stretches day in and day out. Over the course of 42 sessions you cycle through different focus areas, looping back to revisit each one multiple times for continuous improvement with no boredom or stalling.

Stage 1:
Foundational Mobility & Skill Acquisition

Start loosening up your whole body with focused progress in your hips and back. Incorporate with the first functional movement progressions to start moving better right away.

Stage 2:
Expanded Mobility & Skill Improvement

Build on your foundational mobility by cycling through legs, shoulders, and other important joints and ranges. Deepen your proficiency with basic locomotive skills and begin practicing next progressions.

Stage 3:
Performance Mobility & Skill Play

Deepen mobility in all major body areas for noticeably more ease and freedom in athletic movements. Incorporate movement play as you get freer and more controlled in your fundamental movements.

Full Program Cycling

We designed GMB Mobility to be repeatable with continuous results, so whether you start it again right away or come back to it in a year, you can keep improving your athletic mobility for life.

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