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Overall, Bodyweight Mastery is a fantastic program to help you build the body you want at home with very little equipment. It’s a highly underrated way to get in amazing shape and I think more people should check this program out.

One really cool thing about Body Weight Training, and this is what Hollywood exploits on all the time is …

They just know it looks really, really cool.

If they’re trying to portray a movie character as being incredibly powerful and strong, they don’t get him to deadlift 500 lbs, they don’t get him to benchpress 400 lbs; because to most of us, that doesn’t mean anything.

Most of the population doesn’t do heavy, heavy lifting. If they see some guy lift 600 lbs, it’s not that impressive.

If they see some guy jump on to a 4-foot box, or they see someone hang from a bar and do a one-arm chin-up or a one-arm push-up, they’re like, “Whoa! That’s crazy!”

Bodyweight Training will get you very, very strong if you focus on that progression. If you focus on instead of doing ten, twenty, forty, fifty reps, you focus on getting to the next level, and the next level.

In the beginning, maybe you’re only doing push-ups or push-ups on your knees. At the end, you’re doing one-arm push-ups with your feet on the bench; all the way down, pausing the bottom, pushing up; doing handstand push-ups with your feet with your hands on blocks going all the way down.

When you get to that highest level, the mastery level, you’re so powerful; it’s incredible. Most people in the gym that are extremely strong, they won’t be able to do half the stuff that you’re doing. If you go to the gym and you lift some weights, it’s easy; it’s child’s play.

To achieve this level of mastery, this Bodyweight Mastery, you have to have a physique that is downright incredible and aesthetic. Think about Olympic gymnasts. They have some of the most impressive physiques known to man. If you go to an intense gym, chances are, most gymnasts look better than 99% of the guys in there.

To achieve body mastery, you have to be so lean. In this course, you’re going to learn how to work up these advance movements, you’re going to learn how to make nutrition so simple and effortless that you can achieve your physique goals with absolute ease; whether you want to lean down, or if you want to build muscle.

I’m super relieved and happy to create this course. There’s really nothing like it.

Even the bodyweight programs that focus on the right methodology, a lot of times, they don’t go about it the right way.

The author himself or herself hasn’t achieved what she’s trying to teach you. She can’t do, or he can’t do, one-arm push-ups. He can’t do muscle-ups and one-arm chin-ups.

I’ve achieved this, and I’ve helped countless people do it as well. And now I’m ready to share the plan with you.

Does the Kinobody Bodyweight Mastery Program work?

Yes, absolutely.

I’ve followed multiple Kinobody programs myself and have seen tremendous results while putting in much less effort than people I know who are on extremely rigorous and rigid fitness programs.

If you follow the program as laid out by Greg O’Gallagher, the creator of Kinobody, you’ll develop amazing new levels of strength while staying lean; a perfect formula for an incredibly physique.

(Here’s a quick before and after transformation so you can see for yourself. The guy below used multiple Kinobody programs including Bodyweight Mastery.)

How hard is it?

The workouts are hard, but the program is not.

The great thing about Bodyweight Mastery as opposed to other programs it that it removes some of the biggest obstacles people have around getting fit: gym time and equipment.

On BWM, you’ll be working out just three times per week in your home (or hotel, park, anywhere really) using little to no equipment.

If you can’t commit to that, I don’t know what to tell you!

Is it a good value?

At $49 for lifetime access, definitely.

You could just do push ups in your living room and slowly and steadily get stronger, but without a proper system for progressing, learning more challenging movements, and managing progression and rest, you won’t get the muscle and strength levels you’re after.

Greg has all of that figured out for you in Bodyweight Mastery, and it’s worth the price of admission.

Plus, like all of the Kinobody programs, BWM comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love your results.


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