GodMode – The Elite Playboy Tactics of Tristan Tate


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Tristan Tate here.

I’m well known for running one of the top webcam studios in Europe. However, here in my home country, I am known for something else.

You see everyone has always seen me with women. Assuming it was because I work in adult entertainment. However, I got into adult entertainment because I’ve always had beautiful women around me.

So how do I do it?
Let me introduce you to God Mode. My comprehensive course on how to live a life like mine. There is NOBODY else with my credentials.

WHY is this course is War Room only?

It is War Room only because I am sharing secrets that nobody else has discussed online before. These secrets have allowed me to appear in any country and within days have supermodels in my bed.

And the lessons I will be sharing come with stories from my own life. If you are a War Room member, you will be learning how to actually be a playboy.

More so how to turn on God Mode.

So what will you be learning?

  • – How to use your current collection of women to meet new women.
  • – Secrets to female seduction nobody talks about
  • – How to get women the second you land in ANY country
  • – Where the MOST beautiful women hangout
  • – Why you should always date two women at the same place, at the same time
  • – How to navigate a new city to find where the beautiful women hang out
  • – My technique for keeping multiple beautiful girlfriends loyal and exclusive to ONLY me
  • – How to instigate sex with two women
  • – And much much more.

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