Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch

Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch


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The demand for locally-grown micros is increasing every day.


  • 6 sq ft is all you need
  • Only takes 10 days to grow
  • Grow indoors year-round


  • 1 tray costs $5 and sells for $25
  • Most profitable “Legal Cash Crops” in the world
  • Easy to get repeat buyers


  • Proven health benefits
  • Organic vegetables that people want in their diets
  • Feed your community

Meet your instructor

From a hobby in his parents’ basement to a thriving business that generates $700K per year…

Like many others, Jonah started experimenting with microgreens as a hobby – a fun way to pass time, eat healthier, and maybe even make a couple bucks on the side.

He’ll be the first to tell you that he had no idea what he was doing when he first started out.

Fast forward to today, and his business, Living Earth Farm, is considered one of Canada’s largest vertical microgreen farms!

Over the last 10 years of selling micros and teaching others how to do the same, the most commonly asked question I get is… “Jonah, if you were to start all over again from scratch in 2022 and had zero experience, what would you do?”

“THAT is what I’m here to show you… the exact step-by-step roadmap I would follow if I wanted to create a profitable micro farm from scratch with no prior experience.”


Module: 1

Most online courses push you off the ledge and hope you learn to fly. We do things differently. Module 1 gives you immediate action items and helps you optimize for results rather than participation.

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Housekeeping
Lesson 3: Equipment You’ll Need
Lesson 4: Tips For Success

Module: 2
Business Plan Builder

While you wait for your equipment to arrive, follow along as Jonah helps you put together a business plan and prepare for the empowering lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Lesson 1: Understanding The Business Model
Lesson 2: Understanding The Products
Lesson 3: The “3 Foundations”
Lesson 4: Market Research Using Instagram
Lesson 5: Market Research Using Google
Lesson 6: Developing Your Competitive Edge
Lesson 7: How To Project Your Profit

Module: 3
Set Up Your Farm

Module 3 is all about breaking ground on your in-home farm. Set up your equipment in a place that works for you and get ready to grow!

Lesson 1: Where To Set Up Your Grow Area
Lesson 2: How To Set Up Your Rack
Lesson 3: How To Set Up Your Lights
Lesson 4: How To Set Up Your Misc. Equipment
Lesson 5: How To Stay Fully Stocked Despite Supply Shortages

Module: 4
Growing 101

Before you get your hands dirty, discover the basic concepts of indoor growing so that you avoid costly mistakes right out of the gate. Module 4 will catch you up to speed on the entire 10 day growth cycle.

Lesson 1: The 4 Easiest & Most Profitable Crops
Lesson 2: The 10 Day Growth Cycle
Lesson 3: Soaking Seed
Lesson 4: The Importance of Temperature & Humidity
Lesson 5: Basics of Watering
Lesson 6: How To Harvest Your Crops
Lesson 7: How To Create A Winning Product
Lesson 8: Mastering Sunflower
Lesson 9: The Secret To Improving The Yield of Any Microgreen

Module: 5
Practice Makes Perfect

In Module 5, follow along step-by-step demonstrations and do exactly as Jonah does. This is by far the best and quickest way to master growing healthy microgreens. Once you feel confident in your yields, you’ll head over to the sales and marketing section to get your first paying customer.

Lesson 1: Plug n’ Play Software That Makes Growing Easy
Lesson 2: Practice Order
Lesson 3: Prepare Your Trays
Lesson 4: Add Seed To Your Trays
Lesson 5: Watering Your Trays
Lesson 6: Stacking Your Trays
Lesson 7: What To Look For Each Day of The Growth Cycle
Plus 10 more!

Module: 6
Set Up Your Virtual Farmers Market

This module is easily worth over $2,000 alone. In addition to your FREE Micro Farm Sites account, you also get step-by-step video tutorials that hold your hand and show you exactly how to set up your site and market your business. This is beginner friendly and no technical skills are required.

Lesson 1: Marketing Basics 101
Lesson 2: Choose Business Name
Lesson 3: Logo Design
Lesson 4: Introduction to Micro Farm Sites
Lesson 5: Editing Your Website Template
Lesson 6: Set Up a Facebook Profile
Lesson 7: Set Up Facebook Page
Lesson 8: Publish Facebook profile post
Lesson 9: Publish Facebook Page Post
Lesson 10: Introduction To Facebook Ads
Plus 38 more!

Module: 7
Grow To Order

Now that you know how to grow and how to sell, it’s time to fulfill your first real order! Simply follow along the video lessons and package your greens into a tangible product.

Lesson 1: Using FarmWare To Fulfill Your Order
Lesson 2: Making Professional Labels
Lesson 3: Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Module: 8
Delivering Made Easy

In Module 8, discover the ins and outs of home delivery. Jonah skips the fluff and helps you get started as quickly as possible.

Lesson 1: Strategizing Your Delivery Routes
Lesson 2: Storing Product
Lesson 3: Best Times To Deliver
Lesson 4: Customer Communication
Lesson 5: Handling Refund Requests

Module: 9
Optimize Your Farm

In this module, you’ll learn how to scale your farm using Jonah’s proprietary frameworks. You’ll have what you need to grow without the notorious “growing pains.”

Lesson 1: Identifying The Weakest Link
Lesson 2: How To Save Time
Lesson 3: How To Cut Costs
Lesson 4: Using Surveys

Module: 10

You aren’t alone, even after you’ve finished the course. Join Jonah every month for LIVE Q&As so that you get the ongoing support you need. This training is geared toward your farm and your goals. We love watching our students succeed for months and years to come!

Lesson 1: Congratulations!
Lesson 2: What’s Next…?


  • 100 video lessons
  • 12 worksheets & templates
  • Private Course Group (Hosted on the Freedom Farmers Platform)
  • 5 Exclusive Free Bonuses
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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