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You Get Everything You Need, Including…

  • Our complete video-based training: covers all aspects of our simple, AI-powered system
  • Our proven report on email marketing and CANVA template, which you can use to change it for your own branding
  • Instructions on how to create a landing page using our FREE CRM. (You learn all about this in Email Hero GPT, the product you just bought)
  • Prompts to use with ChatGPT to create lead magnets for your clients. (No skill required on your part. AI does all the work!)
  • Pricing sheet for Funnels
  • Prompts to create email campaigns to use to sell your funnels
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to format the report in CANVA
  • Pitch deck (slides) to sell your landing pages and report to clients…this does all the selling for you. (It’s like you become Gloria!)
  • Prompts to create email sequences for the lead magnets
  • Prompts to create your landing page copy for the landing pages you sell

We give you everything you need to start and run this business. Furthermore, it’s all done through the magic of AI.

If you can copy-and-paste you can do this!

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