Ebay & Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass

Sarwar Uddin – Ebay Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass


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A Step-By-Step guide on How to Dropship on eBay, following the guidelines set by eBay. The BEST eBay dropshipping course online

eBay & Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass – Dropship The Proper Way


It is a complete step by step guide on how to dropship on eBay using Wholesale suppliers.

Start of dropshipping single items and then learn how to make your winning products even more profitable by buying wholesale and storing in warehouses.

  • How to find winning products to sell on eBay
  • How to list products on your eBay store
  • Learn from the BEST eBay Dropshipping Teacher on YouTube
  • How to build your business effectively
  • International strategy for the US, UK and Rest of the World
  • How to manage your growing eBay store and account


Other eBay Dropshipping programs teach you how to dropship from retail and marketplace suppliers which is AGAINST the Ebay policy on dropshipping. Although that method can be profitable, there are ways to do it. If that is still something that you want to learn, then don’t worry, we got you covered, we show you how to do that too


  • Be willing to learn. The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Be ready to take action! The training is here, but you will need to apply


  • Includes instant access to step by step tutorials ($997 value)
  • Nothing like this is out there. Other courses cannot compare to this
  • How to use Wholesale Suppliers ($497 Value)


Lesson 1.0 Introduction to Wholesale Dropshipping

This section of the course is to introduce you to the eBay & Wholesale Dropshipping Masterclass and to help you get to connect with others on the members-only community

  • 1.1 Before You Get Started
  • 1.2 Connect With Me
  • 1.3 What is Dropshipping
  • 1.4 What is Wholesale Dropshipping
  • 1.5 The strategy of This Program

Lesson 2.0 Getting Started

Here you will learn how to get set up for eBay, Paypal, all your business policies, and settings. Getting set up with wholesale suppliers and listing your first item.

  • 2.1 What You need to get Started
  • 2.2 How You get Paid
  • 2.3 Paypal Jail Explained
  • 2.4 Setting up Paypal
  • 2.5 Setting Up Ebay
  • 2.6 Listing Your First Item
  • 2.7 Seller Hub Setup
  • 2.8 Increasing Selling Limits
  • 2.9 eBay Account Settings
  • 2.10 Business Policies for Wholesale Suppliers
  • 2.11 Setting up with Wholesale Suppliers
  • 2.12 Product Research Software Setup
  • 2.13 Setting Up An International Bank Account
  • 2.14 Setting up an eBay Store

Lesson 3.0 Product Research

Before you start listing items on to your store, you need to learn how to do the most effective product research. Here you will find, how to find items to sell.

  • 3.1 Why Product Research Is So Important
  • 3.2 Finding Drop Shippers
  • 3.3 Building Your List
  • 3.4 Another Research Strategy
  • 3.5 Finding the Best Supplier to Source From
  • 3.6 Zik Analytics Exclusive Offer
  • 3.7 New Image Search Tool

Lesson 4.0 Sourcing Items

Before you get items listed on to your store, in this section you are taught how to source in items to dropship on eBay

  • 4.1 What Is Product Sourcing
  • 4.2 How To Source Items
  • 4.3 Sourced Items Warehouse Locations

Lesson 5.0 Listing Your Items

Here you will learn how to start listing your items to dropship on eBay in the most effective way, including editing images and making your listings unique as well as covering the pricing strategy to list your products

  • 5.1 Pricing Strategy
  • 5.2 Pricing Strategy for Non-US Sellers
  • 5.3 How To List Items
  • 5.3 (Update) Zip Code for item location
  • 5..4 Editing Images
  • 5.5 Advanced Editing
  • 5.6 Simplified Background Remover

Lesson 6.0 Placing Orders

Once you start to get a sale, you will want to know how to process orders. Here you will learn how to place your orders for sales.

  • 6.1 How To Place An Order Supplier 1
  • 6.2 How To Place An Order Supplier 2
  • 6.3 Calculating Exact Fees
  • 6.4 – Managing Orders

Lesson 7.0 Growing Your Business with Wholesale

Once you start to sell products regularly and some of your products become hot sellers, you want to consider going down the wholesale route to increase sales and profits

  • 7.1 When You Should Consider Wholesale
  • 7.2 How To Request Wholesale
  • 7.3 How To Price Wholesale
  • 7.4 Business Policy for Wholesale Products

Lesson 8.0 Managing Your Business

Managing your business will help build consistency and also help improve your account get better recognized by eBay

  • 8.1 Daily Tasks
  • 8.2 Should You List Every Day
  • 8.3 Leaving Feedback
  • 8.4 Messages
  • 8.5 Refreshing Your Listings
  • 8.6 Tracking Numbers
  • 8.7 Non Selling Items
  • 8.8 Title Optimization

Lesson 9.0 Advanced Strategies

Take your dropshipping business up a level by learning how to improve your business and stand out from other drop shippers

  • 9.1 How To Create Bundle Listings
  • 9.2 How to Price Bundle Listings
  • 9.3 Source even cheaper than Aliexpress
  • 9.4 Piggy Back off your own Success

Lesson 10.0 Automating your Business

Once you are confident in running your business, you can consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to work for you. This will help save you time and automate your business

  • 10.1 What is a VA (Virtual Assistant)
  • 10.2 When should you hire a Virtual Assistant
  • 10.3 Find a VA Online
  • 10.4 Important Notices about sharing Passwords
  • 10.5 What Order to Hire Your VA’s
  • 10.6 Get a Fully Trained VA from Us

Lesson 11.0 Listing Software

Some people like to use software to help them list items on to their store. Here you are shown how to use software

  • 11.1 Why Use Listing Software
  • 11.2 Setting Up Listing Software
  • 11.3 Setting Up Listing Software Part 2
  • 11.4 Listing an item with software

Lesson 12.0 Retail Dropshipping

Retail Dropshipping is still a highly profitable strategy on Ebay and if that is something that you are interested in then you will find the information here.

  • 12.1 Is Retail Dropshipping Allowed
  • 12.2 Who Are The Best Retail Drop Shippers
  • 12.3 Maximising Profits
  • 12.4 Retail Dropshipping Product Research

Dropshipping Agreement

Sometimes Ebay will if you have an agreement with a supplier and they may also ask for evidence of it. Here you will find agreements and you can use these to product to Ebay

  • What is a Dropshipping Agreement and Why you need it
  • Dropshipping Agreement 1
  • Dropshipping Agreement 2

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