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The KING’S Way To Attract ANY Woman or Deal You Want Within The First 2 Minutes..

And it doesn’t matter if…

  • You struggle with shyness…
  • You fear rejection…
  • You don’t have a millionaire’s bank account…

In the next few minutes, I can promise you one thing..

As you read every word on this page, you’re going to see how anyone using my unique “royal approach”… no matter where you’re at today… can attract almost any woman, deal or opportunity you want within the first 2 minutes of seeing it.

Best of all? With zero fear of rejection or missing out.

If you’re seeing this page it’s likely you’ve experienced results with my book or programs firsthand.

My teachings work. Hands down. No screwing around.

Today, I’m going to cut to the core of WHY my teachings work. What makes it so damn powerful.

What creates irresistible magnetism in your vibe…

Now, if this is your first time here or you have yet to buy one of my trainings, no worries.

I’m not going to talk over your head. I’m not going to talk down to you either.

We’re friends here. We’re Team Capital. And anyone who wants to learn, is welcome.

Hey, it’s Jason Capital.

And being the savvy stud you already are… you know it’s my mission in life to create massive value and over-deliver at all times.

And as you read this letter, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of a seismic, life-altering event. What I’m about to share is going to change EVERYTHING for you. That, I guarantee.

So shut the door, turn off your cellphone and close that Facebook window. The next hour or so demands your undivided attention…

I’m going to show how…

High Status = Natural Effortless Attraction…

But I guarantee high status is not what you might think it is, so make sure you listen to every word, because…

  • If you’re struggling with women…
  • If you struggle with shyness or fear of rejection…
  • If you want to attract high-status people and be “in” on the hottest, biggest deals…

What I’m about to reveal WILL change your life, if I have anything to say about it.

In the beginning, it’s no wonder *I* was never able to attract any of the things I wanted.

Girls. Deals. Clients. Invites. Parties. None of it.

In getting where I am today, I probably made every mistake in the book. Probably deserved it too.

I was boring. How boring?

I worked up the courage to ask a girl on a date I had a crush on for ages. Midway through dinner, she sighs and says…
“I’ll be honest with you… this is a boring date.
You’ve got zero personality and I’m too
lazy to do a window escape, so…”
Then she got up and walked out.

Don’t laugh. It’s true.

I also put up with a TON of BS. I was a doormat…

For instance one day, I was coaching one of my first clients. He drove a Ferrari. And carried $5,000 cash with him at all times.

When we were done, I asked him to pay for the coaching.

He told me money was tight and he’d get back to me. I let him walk over me like that.

I’m not kidding about this. See, in the beginning I was probably worse than you are right now.

I also tried looking cool…

I got invited to the most exclusive costume party in town and spent hours on my Top Gun Tom Cruise costume.

Woe is me when I walked in and realized someone was screwing with me. No one was dressed in a costume but me. I made the most of it. But I definitely didn’t land any new “co-pilots” that night.

I tried getting serious with my relationships.

I once asked a girl if she loved me. She goes, “Uh, my body does.”

Poor me. I’m telling you…

I tell you stories like these because what got me through those dark days, was only one thing…

You gotta focus on what you WANT.  Not what you don’t want.

You gotta burn with desire to get what you want. Enough to get out there and go after it.

Now let me be clear. This may sound like it’s ol’ Jason Capital giving you a pep talk.

BS. I am not. I am giving step #1 of my 3-step strategy for how I finally broke out and broke through.

It starts with DESIRE…

Desire to get this part of your life handled. Desire for the deal. Desire for the girl. Desire to master the game of life. The desire to be successful at it.

Desire is one of the big reasons I am where I’m at today. My desire not just to get good at it, but to be the BEST at it.

Let me tell you what most guys think…

Most guys think the right opportunity, the right deal, the right girl will magically fall into their lap.

Or they try one time or two times, and when they get shot down they give up and quit.

Or they think the game’s rigged against them and they don’t even try in the first place.

Here’s what they lack:
Belief in themselves.
Belief they can win.
They’re in that uncomfortable place I call no man’s land. Where they’re not out there trying to win. But they’re not actually failing either.

They’re not even in the game.

Because they don’t know how to win, and they’re afraid of failing.

I know how that feels. And then I was reading an article recently, and they talked about how failing is actually necessary to teach you what the right way is.

It’s actually pretty scientific. Like… even if you get out there and try just ONE time, you’ve begun to stack the odds in your favor.

Fortunately, I’m gonna share some techniques and ideas which I think will totally transform your game with money, women and friends.

And I’m gonna show you…
How to leapfrog over all my past mistakes so that you NEVER have to make them…
And the absolute biggest impact you can have is to view yourself internally as a high status person.

Do that one thing and that one thing alone and you’re in a different league than almost every other guy out there.

The desire to be high status, to be seen as high status, is the thing YOU should desire.

Start there. Don’t start with desiring money. Don’t start with desiring girls. Wait until you view yourself as a high status man and everything else will come so much easier.

And now, let me give you a secret every self-made millionaire, every famous leader, every playboy knows. But most guys don’t.

What’s one of the things that makes someone high status?
Answer? High standards…
So what do I mean by having high standards?

I mean having high standards in the things and people you choose to be involved with.

That implicitly means you’re selective. That means you know your value.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re arrogant or that you’re a prick about it. You can be cool about it.

I want to make sure I don’t confuse you here…

When I say being viewed as high status, I’m not saying you should have a nice car or nice clothes or a big bank account.

You’re looking at it the wrong way.

Girls actually have a built-in radar for this.
They can tell if you’ve got your shit together and you don’t need a Rolex to prove it…
How can they tell?

They wanna see how easy you are.

Does your head swivel every time a gorgeous woman passes by? Mine doesn’t.

Do you salivate like a dog when you see a Ferrari? I could care less.

Do you get nervous before big meetings? To me, there’s no such thing as a “big meeting”.

They’re all just fun and games, and then I leave as the winner.

I don’t care that he owns the club or that she’s on Dancing With The Stars.

I can tell you about over a dozen times where I’ve shut down a FAMOUS starlet because she was either entitled, or mean to the wait staff, or just plain boring. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I have values. I have integrity. I have standards that I won’t break for anyone. It’s on THEM to win me over.

Now I want you to take that attitude and overlay it onto clients, friends and women, because that’s how you want them to see you.

Make sense?

And it first starts with the desire to be high status, above all else.
Then something happened that
changed everything for me…
Remember, when I started out I stumbled. Fail. Faceplant. Time after time.

I’d try stuff and it wouldn’t work and then I’d keep trying the same thing harder, expecting a new result that never came.

And I had this friend. He’s an author. Wrote multiple best-sellers.

And he said “you know what the problem is?”

I said “What?”

He said all successful people can sense these negative things about you. They have a sixth sense about people like you.
“People like me?”
Successful people focus on WHO a guy is…
Yeah, you look like you’re trying too hard. You think you’re being clever, but it comes off as desperate. And needy. And out of touch with the situation.


And I said “People can tell that about me?” And he said:

“You’d be surprised.”

I was floored. He had me pegged. And so I guess all the other people did too.

I got mad. I got angry. I got pissed off. Not with others, but with myself.
I was being try-hard without even realizing it…
And I vowed to myself then and there to change. To COMMIT to changing into who I wanted to be.

Honestly, I wanted respect.

I wanted instant attraction.

I wanted so much cash that my bank account looked like a 7-digit phone number.

I wanted every one in the room, in the club, in the cafe to know, I was king and you were gonna want me the instant you met me.

The thing is though you’ve got to commit to yourself, first.
If you don’t value yourself first, who will?
If you don’t take care of your wants and needs first, nobody is going to do it for you.

Maybe when you were a kid your parents did that.

Maybe if you were once married, your partner did that.

But now? It all starts first with commitment. Committing to yourself when no one else does.

The second thing you’ve got to commit to is learning. And when I saying learning…
I DO NOT mean scouring the
Internet for random info…
You do that, and I’m telling you from experience, you will be exactly where you are right now one year from now, two years from now.

You need an overall structure to apply what you are committed to learning.

Otherwise you just have all these tactics that you can never remember when you need them.

The other part about committing is you have to APPLY. But most guys… and look, I’m not talking about you… most guys ultimately never do shit.

Guys like us because we are committed, because we apply what we commit to learning, we land ships on the moon.
While other guys? They just land in shit…
It’s all about commitment.

Look at it this way. If you’re a boxer. It does you no good to just shadow box all the time.

You need training and coaching and direction. Because you’ll never get any better without it.

So if you’re stuck right now, binge-watching YouTube all night ain’t gonna cut it.

Are you starting to get the picture?

You see a lot of guys get into this world using Band-Aid tactics.

They have all these to dos and don’ts they’ve learned from the “gurus”.

Do this, do that, go here, say this, with this tonality, get that… it never stops.

Total crap, I say!

It’s too much to remember and it paralyzes. And you’re right back where you started.

With people like my author friend telling you you’re desperate.

But there’s a better way…

Are you starting to see the power of this? Just by making this small, simple commitment to BE a high status man, you naturally start becoming an Attraction King…

Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you I know success and the game of life. Inside and outside I know it. Like the back of my hand I know it. I committed to knowing it, learning it, applying and today, I’m probably one of the best in the world at all of it.
Let me ask you? Has it been getting you everything you want too?

Be honest. The honest answer is no.

I learned how to set goals. I learned hypnosis. I learned the art of storytelling. I learned NLP. I learned networking. I know Tai’s 67 steps. I know Gary Vaynerchuk’s hustle. I know all of that, probably more than I let on.

But that shit doesn’t get me my life as King.

That shit comes a distant second with what you’re about to learn.

You know what does?

It all comes back to thing my best-selling author friend told me about successful people having a sixth sense about us.

To get the breakthrough we need with money, women, and deals, we need a plan. A plan for becoming the guy they instantly and magnetically feel attracted to.

It’s weird, but once you have a plan, all the things you learn from today forward can be integrated into it. It’s not just random ideas around a topic.

There’s a liberating sense of organization you get when you have a success-certain vision that you’re committed to.

That one of the big reasons I was failing so badly in the beginning.

I was all over the place.

Then I got dedicated.

And bit-by-bit everything started to fall into place…

You see here’s what I’m advocating:

How many times have you gone out on the Internet, seen a technique or video, and then gone out and tried it?

Few do. Even though it may work.

Why is that?

Because there’s something missing you need for it to work.

It may be courage, or the ability to tell a joke, or self-respect, or an opportunistic, be-here-in-the-moment mindset.

What I’m saying today is what if I told you you DO NOT need more techniques or gimmicks with what I’m telling you.


Listen, do a gut check.

Attraction isn’t about what you do. Attraction isn’t about what you own.

Attraction is about WHO YOU ARE…

With what I’m advocating, attraction is naturally a part of you. It’s who you are. It’s what you do.

They could take every ounce of conscious knowledge you have about life away from you and you’d STILL get all the stuff and more everyone wishes for.

They take away your connections and opportunities will still be drawn to you.

They take away your customers and clients will still beat down your door for business.

They take away your knowledge and women will still be attracted to you.

Why? Because attraction is a part of your IDENTITY. It’s who you are. You’re just one of those guys that everyone knows they’re supposed to be attracted to (be it platonic or otherwise).

You’re an Attraction King. Living life on your throne. That’s where you want to be.

Get it?

It’s what you do because you can’t help doing it.

It’s like breathing or blinking your eyes. It’s completely natural for you.

Ever see a group of guys hover around a pretty girl? Why?

Because her beauty is naturally part of her. She can’t help it.

Ever see a group of people hover around a baby? Why? Because they can’t help it. For whatever reason, a baby is naturally attractive.

The SAME EXACT thing happens with this. I’m telling you. And it’s awesome.

Knowledge and wisdom at that point act as a success accelerator. Accelerating the process of attracting money, women, invites and ultimately, freedom.

And I’m telling you, with desire and commitment, you can easily follow through and…

The KING’S Way To Attract

ANY Woman or Deal You Want Within The First 2 Minutes..

We’re dealing with Attraction and making YOU a King at an IDENTITY level.

And the beauty is that an identity incorporates tactics and strategies and abilities and these are NATURALLY integrated as we go along.

Now, I want to be clear. I most definitely DO talk about tactics. In fact, there’s a whole session on 44 killer tactics you can use.

Yet, what makes the program work is that you see yourself as an Attraction King. So that anywhere, at any time, in any place, and with any one, you are attractive and the results are immediately obvious.

Because it’s not anything that you do. It’s who you ARE.

Attraction is at the core of your being…

There’s just no other way to look at it.

It’s an insanely fantastic feeling. By the end of watching these videos. The blinders come off, and you see yourself for who you really are. An Attraction King.

Now I know at some level, especially if you’ve been struggling, that may seem quite unrealistic right now. But trust me. And I’m telling you to… TRUST ME.

Because nobody, when it comes to getting laid has your back like I do. Nobody’s fvcked up more than I have. And nobody’s NAILED the prize like I have.

You might see me every day on video or in writing as part of Team Capital VIP, where I give, give and give everyday.. And you know, I’m living my dream. I’m making things happen. I’m bringing my own party.

You gotta know, you deserve to know what that feels like. To be able to OWN your own personal attractiveness. To be able to walk into any place and say to yourself with absolute, unshakeable confidence “I own this place.”

When you can do that? When you can BE that?

That’s attractive…

That’s being irresistible to

women and deals…

That’s POWER.

To do that, you don’t need money. You don’t need good looks. All you need is a plan. Coupled with desire and commitment.

And you know what happens? You loosen up. Your power comes out. Your playfulness comes out. Not in an arrogant way. But in a way that’s even more attractive to women and magnetic to money.

Here’s what’s inside:

Module #1Activate The Attraction King Within

Overview of the course. The course is broad AND deep.

But at the same time, it’s fast paced. You should be able to get through the entire program in a day. Ready to put what you learn into action that night.

More importantly, we’ll deeply embed into your brain the top three laws of Attraction Kings. (All Kings must create their own laws to rule.)

You’ll notice a profound internal shift begin to happen as a new world opens up to you as an Attraction King.

Module #2: The Attraction King Installation Series

Now that we have the roadmap in hand, we set off on the Attraction King journey.

I lay out what’s required when installing all the attributes, qualities, characteristics you need to become an Attraction King.

You’ll find the process provocative, yet profoundly familiar.

It’s like waking up dormant DNA, dormant genes, that have been suppressed until now.

Module #3: The Attraction King Methods and Techniques

Module #3 is the module most guys get excited about.

I unleash the strategies, tactics and techniques of an Attraction King.

47 in all.

Of course, you don’t have to use any or all of them. But we’re guys right? We’re into tools.

These are the tools of an Attraction King. The best ones. The ones I use and Team Capital uses.

Module #4: Unleashing Your Ultimate Power As An Attraction King

Now we’re getting into some heady, deep stuff. The ultimate power of an Attraction King. You didn’t think a King exerts total power and control because he plays by other people’s rules, did you?

Most guys never get clear about the mindset, the identity, the values, the beliefs, the capabilities of being an Attraction King. We’re covering that. But they really never get clear about the power we’re installing into you during this Module.

What I’m saying is you’ll discover why most guys don’t what they want. And I’m telling you most guys have a blindspot.

They can’t see it for the life of them and that’s exactly what holds them back from becoming an Attraction King.

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