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When you’re waiting on content from your client it means you’re waiting on your final invoice. This leaves you stressed about paying your bills, throws off your project calendar, and makes you annoyed with your clients.

Clients are overwhelmed by content

Designers get frustrated, but what they don’t realize is their clients are slow because they don’t know what makes good web content. They are overwhelmed and need guidance.

The highest paid designers embrace design and content

Instead of pushing off content on their clients 6-Figure Web Designers understand the strategy behind content is just as important as the design itself. They help their clients and are paid handsomely because of it.

WriteSite equips designers to lead effective content strategy

Relieve Clients by Leading Effective Content Strategy
Use Customizable Content-Focused Wireframes
Design Faster Because Content is Already Approved

What’s the cost of NOT including content strategy with your websites?

Losing out on income opportunities

Looking like every other budget designer
Continued frustration and burnout from content delays

WriteSite Course Curriculum

The course is designed for you to complete the material within 7 days, however you will have lifetime access to the course.

Day 1: Foundations

6 Modules

Writing website copy is difficult if you lack a message framework to follow. This day includes worksheets and templates to follow, modules on how to serve your clients best, essential questions every website needs to answer, questions to use when leading a client strategy session, customer interviews, and more. Day 1 Foundations will set you up for success by giving you a structure to follow that makes web content creation easy.

Day 2: Headers

8 Modules

Headers are the most critical section of a website. It’s the first impression a visitor has and often the number one reason a website has a high bounce rate. This day will cover headlines, headline formulas, sub-headlines, buttons, navigation bars, and header images. By the end of this day, you’ll create headers that suck website visitors into wanting to see the rest of the website.

Day 3: The Complete Home Page

10 Modules

A complete homepage can successfully communicate the unique value a brand brings, how it’s different from the competition, and address possible objections a visitor may have. On this day, we’ll cover all the sections a homepage might have and their importance, including: agitating problems, communicating value, connecting through shared beliefs, writing non-boring service descriptions, building trust, calls to action, testimonials, and footers. By the end, your homepage will have a complete and value-packed message that convinces website visitors to take action.

Day 4: The Complete About Page

4 Modules

About pages are one of the most visited pages on a website. Unfortunately, businesses don’t take advantage of this web traffic and instead fill them with useless information. On this day, we’ll walk you through how to position the brand so visitors see the brand as trustworthy. We’ll also provide modules on telling the founder’s story and writing compelling team bios. About pages don’t have to be full of useless text but can be powerful for moving a visitor toward doing business with the brand.

Day 5: Services, Products, Careers Pages

4 Modules

At this point in the website, one might be tempted to get the client to provide any old technical jargon to fill up page space. We’ll walk you through how each of these sections and pages are opportunities to tell compelling narratives that continue to add value to the entire website. If done poorly, you lose an opportunity; if done properly, engagement will skyrocket.

Day 6: Copywriting Tips, Templates, and Formulas

1 Module

Everyone loves templates and formulas because they help you get from point A to point B faster. We’ll help make your web copywriting easy by providing you with our trusted tips and tricks. When writing any section of your website, you’ll be armed with copywriting formulas that make writing content for your wireframes easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Day 7: How to Sell Web Content Strategy

5 Modules

This course will arm you with the tools to pull in a 6 figure income year after year. To do this, you’ll need to know how to sell the value of message strategy and website content development to your clients. The Day 7 Sales Modules will give you the right language and questions when on sales calls with prospective clients. You’ll make more money faster by selling more valuable websites.

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