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I’m going to share how to build, sell, and scale through LinkedIn content and outreach. Whether you’re in sales role or wanting to add it to your agency, this is THE guide to take you to closing deals on LinkedIn. 📈

My 💪 is:

  • Have booked and closed over 1000 meetings & 8 figures in revenue through LinkedIn. 💰
  • Grew my own LinkedIn lead generation agency to $15k MRR in 52 days 📈
  • Booked meetings for fintech, marketing agencies, biotech, SaaS, trading services, logistics, short-form creators. These frameworks can be applied to ANY business model 💰

Results you can expect from joining a community like this:

Jason Yin went from 0 clients to 5 clients within one month. Signing one for a $3k setup fee + $750 per call. (25X+ ROI)

Two other community closes on $2500 setup fees + pay per call.

$10k setup fee + $4000/mo retainer.

24 meetings booked between cold email and LinkedIn

$8k setup fee + pay per call.

$700/mo retainer + 5% rev share ($2m expected to raise in funding over 90 days)

$2000/mo retainer $12k contract total.

If you want to win and have over a 100x+ ROI like the rest of the group… Then it’s time to join.

My person results:

Here is a meeting set with CEO of EuroFins ($12.7B company)

Heartland Clinics on a FAKE SDR account I created (yes, it worked for a $8B company CEO)

These same frameworks even work on a B2C model like real estate and mortgages. That’s how powerful this can be for you.

Another SaaS deal closed with Integral Molecule ($3.6B company)

I’ve worked exclusively through LinkedIn outreach the past three years for dozens of clients.

Through B2B and B2C model, I’ve identified solidified frameworks to GURANTEE you get meetings on your calendar within the next 30 days once you implement what’s in this guide.

Time to share that knowledge. 🎓💥

With this experience, I’ve painstakingly compiled a complete guide, a directory, a killer set of frameworks + processes you can use to avoid my mistakes (there have been some expensive ones), as well as my successes (get that FU 💰).

Launching on LinkedIn isn’t as simple as cold email, that’s why you have to take correct, actionable steps to build an audience of your dream clients while having outbound lead opportunity as well.

The majority give up. With each purchase you receive a 1 on 1 consultation with me at any period in time TO ENSURE you follow through, you’ll be added into a discord group with the rest of the LinkedIn Leaders.

Why do people give up? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mostly because they don’t have the secrets required for LinkedIn success. It took me years to identify what’s shown in this guide, and you can get lightyears ahead to dominate in 2023.

They didn’t have the tools that set them up for success.

What exactly is included?

  • Close a client in 90 days guaranteed or I refund your money.
  • Pre-written LinkedIn message sequences
  • How to pre-sell clients with zero social proof
  • Invite to private discord to access to me and other LinkedIn Leaders
  • BONUS: The cold email setup and sequence I used to increase my MRR by $7500 in 26 days with omni-channel outreach

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