Be Fearless - The Fearless Man

Be Fearless – The Fearless Man


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  • Learn how to communicate that you are a desirable man?
  • Learn how to change your relationship to fear and build massive confidence?
  • Understand the “Secret Principles” of men who are successful in life?
  • Break through the insecurities of not feeling good enough or feeling like something is wrong with you?
  • Get first-hand experience and discover which of your habits and tendencies are pushing women away?
  • Own your desire and attraction for the feminine so that women feel your social confidence and sexual confidence the moment she looks in your eyes?
  • Learn how to be a grounded and solid man even when a woman is testing you?
  • Develop a vibe that lets women see you as a man they can trust?
  • Discover how to have an inviting and social vibe so that women are attracted to your natural spirit without you having to figure out the right things to say?

About The Intensive


Get real-world training in how to play with sexual tension, change your mindsets and have powerful conversations with beautiful women. In our flagship two-and-a-half-day intensive, you will be on the path to claiming your power as a man with beautiful women, your career, and life.

You and a maximum of 11 other students will have coaches over your shoulder all weekend, guiding you, providing constant feedback, and customizing all exercises to where you are at and what will help you the most.

This dynamic two-and-a-half-day program is taught using high-impact games, experiential exercises, constantly customized feedback/coaching, authentic no-bullshit practice with our FEARLESS models, and an intensive, patent-pending video feedback system!


  • You’ll leave this event a more masculine, more confident man, and you’ll be clear on what’s getting in the way of you attracting the feminine
  • You’ll feel at ease with your confidence and masculinity
  • You’ll learn the qualities that complement a masculine man and how to drop toxic masculinity
  • You’ll practice stepping into tension with women authentically, in a way that leaves her feeling sexy and appreciated
  • You’ll get simple and specific exercises to get you past the fear of approaching women and fear of rejection
  • You’ll get first-hand practice in creating sexual tension while working with the FEARLESS models
  • You’ll learn how to access the emotions you have been suppressing because of society’s misguided representations of what masculinity and confidence looks like
  • You’ll learn how to stop the Nice Guy Syndrome and how to create healthy boundaries with women
  • You’ll identify habits that communicate neediness, and learn how to embody boldness
  • You will see exactly how you affect women with your emotions, without even saying a word
  • I’ll teach you how to deal with the underlying emotions, and how to stay grounded in the midst of the emotions
  • You’ll learn how move beyond your perceived “limitations”
  • You’ll get a 30-day plan to build up solid self-confidence, even if you feel like you’re starting from rock bottom
  • You’ll learn the “1% rule” that will take your learning curve from years to months
  • You’ll learn how to burn off the “Nice Guy” persona and develop your masculinity, ability to lead, & overall attractiveness
  • You’ll understand how to rapidly trigger attraction and earn trust from women without being anyone but yourself

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