YouTube Passive Income Strategy – Learn How to Generate $10,000 – $20,000/mo Passive Income From HOME


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As Easy as 4 Steps

Step 1

Choose from one of my

PROVEN video ideas

when you are inside that will allow you to make $10,000 in passive income.

I show you how to pick a niche people will love.

(You can simply copy & paste my strategy when you’re in). 😉

Step 2

I then show you have to have

A.i. do ALL the work!!

For the video WITHOUT you

having to do a SINGLE thing for the video itself 😎

(In the program I show you what A.i.’s to use and how to feed them the proper information in order to achieve the winning video).

Step 3

At this point A.i. has COMPLETED EVERYTHING THAT you need for the video and you are READY TO UPLOAD to YouTube!

(Inside I show you how to properly set things up so you can be up and running!).

Step 4

Profit! Profit! Profit! At this point everything is ready to go! & You are ready to generate passive income!!! YouTube will pay you out ad revenue month to month while you are Completely Hands-Free.

(Rinse and repeat the previous steps to generate more passive income!)

Summary Of What You Get

  • Step by step, A – Z guidance on how to successfully launch this for yourself
  • ​​​​​​How to Use A.i. properly to generate income.
  • How to scale this $20,000
  • How to create viral YouTube Videos
  • The top 10 niches that perform the best on YouTube.
  • How to have virtual assistants do this while you sleep
  • How I started making 6 figures in college while balancing life, school work, the gym, etc.
  • How to create a winning voice over using A.i.
  • How to create jaw dropping thumbnails
  • ​​36+ Video Class Lessons
  • ​Compatible to Watch on Desktop or Mobile Devices

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