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YouTube Advanced Masterclass by Jordan Mackey Bye 9 To 5


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Bye 9 To 5 YouTube Advanced Masterclass

Youtube Advanced Masterclass [2020 Edition]: Advanced Techniques You Need To Scale Your Youtube Income To The Next Level

For those of you wondering if Youtube supports this system, here is a Tweet directly from Youtube Creator Support verifying that they do! They approve re-using content if you are editing (which is what this course teaches).

This is an advanced masterclass to build off of Make Money On Youtube Made Easy. In this course, I walk you through the advanced techniques that I use to be successful and scale my Youtube channels to extremely high incomes. The Make Money On Youtube Made Easy course is intended as an overview and beginner-friendly blueprint to help you get started with making money on Youtube in a step-by-step format, but THIS advanced masterclass course will go in-depth and give the key details and secrets on how you can accomplish much more than you could with Make Money On Youtube Made Easy. This advanced masterclass is made for students who want more and who will not get overwhelmed in the details and who really want to succeed at the highest level. Basically, this course will teach you EVERYTHING I left out in Make Money On Youtube Made Easy that helps me generate over $200,000 on Youtube.

This course will walk you through overcoming the typical stumbling blocks that you run into when using my Make Money On Youtube Made Easy blueprint. I will teach you how to legally get around ANY content ID match and duplicate video warnings that normally stop you from uploading/making money on particular videos. I will also teach you how to quickly and easily remove watermarks from ANY video, which will enable you to legally use many Creative Commons videos you could not use before. These tips will help you be able to legally use THOUSANDS of videos that you could not use before because of the content ID match bot. I will also show you how to add your own intros and watermarks to videos quickly, easily, and for FREE, to truly make these videos your own. I will also teach you how you can legally edit and use many montages that are already available on Youtube, opening up THOUSANDS of video options you didn’t have before. This will open up thousands of possibilities and will allow you to use MANY videos that are STANDARD LICENSES! This is HUGE for passing the monetization review and making the videos you upload look like your videos!

I will also teach you my NUMBER ONE SECRET I use to generate more income with my videos that I have NOT shared in the past. This will enable you to generate more income with your videos than you ever could before.

In this course, I will also give you the top niches you should use to be successful, and I will also reveal the three niches I PERSONALLY USE to generate over $400,000 on Youtube. I will walk you through an in-depth tutorial on how I use these niches to generate income with all details included.

This course will give extremely in-depth case studies on the three niches I use to generate income, from where I find what videos to use, which videos I choose to use and which ones I don’t, how I edit particular videos, how to create thumbnails and titles that appeal to each of my niche audiences, and examples of the types of tags I use for each niche.

After this course, you will be able to take one of the three niches I use, download the SAME videos from the SAME types of channels I use, use the SAME types of titles, tags, and thumbnails I use, and have the possibility of generating the same income I do in the SAME niches I use because these are ALL of the steps I use personally to be successful in each of these three niches.

You will also be able to take what you learn by watching my case studies and translate them into other niches that you want to use, and also help grow the niches you already have to much higher levels than you could before. The three case studies will help you tremendously with learning the EXACT steps I take to be successful in ANY niche on Youtube.

In this course, I will also give you in-depth ways on how you can grow your subscribers and viewers organically much more quickly using the same methods I use.

This course will also teach you a MAJOR HACK for how you can get to the monetized review with 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours QUICKLY and EASILY in just 2 weeks with just ONE VIDEO and easily PASS THE REVIEW!

Your Instructor

My name is Jordan, also known as Bye 9 to 5. I was a business analyst at a very successful company and have a Masters Degree in Business Psychology, but I hated my job! So I decided to do something about it. Since that time I have been blessed to be able to say bye to my 9 to 5 with over $100,000 on Youtube through Google Adsense. I have helped countless students make thousands of dollars doing the same thing, and it is my goal to help as many people as possible quit their job and live life on their own terms like I have been blessed to be able to do!

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

  • Facebook Groups and My Email (5:24)
  • Note On Asking Questions (3:12)
  • Welcome and Overview (6:41)
  • Overview Of My Secret Money Making Blueprint (12:07)
  • Making Money With This Blueprint Case Studies (10:55)

Module 2: The Basics

  • How To Download Videos (3:20)
  • How To Upload Videos (1:22)
  • Creating Your Youtube Account (1:20)
  • Creating and Changing Your Channel Name and Picture (2:38)
  • Before Creating Your Adsense Account (1:50)
  • Creating Your Adsense Account (3:11)
  • Getting Your Adsense Account Approved (3:55)
  • Youtube Navigation and Overview (11:04)
  • How To Make Unlimited Channels With Unlimited Phone Numbers (7:01)
  • [1/31/2020] BEST NEW WAY TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS! (7:42)

Module 3: Downloading Videos From INSTAGRAM and Using Them

  • How To Download Instagram Videos and Use Them (3:00)

Module 4: Getting To The Monetization Review Within One Month and How To Pass It With ONE VIDEO!

  • Monetization Review Overview (4:52)
  • Passing Monetization Review Method 1 (5:51)
  • Passing Monetization Review Within One Month Method 2 (13:44)
  • Passing Monetization Review Within One Month Method 3 (4:26)
  • [5/3/2019] Passing The Monetization Review Within One Month Method 4 (4:18)
  • [5/3/2019] Passing The Monetization Review Within One Month Method 5 (2:27)
  • [5/3/2019] How To Make Your Channel Pass Review! (6:58)


  • Huge Secret For Skipping Monetization Review and Getting a Monetized Channel INSTANTLY TODAY – Method 1 (11:42)
  • [5/3/2019] Huge Secret For Skipping Monetization Review and Getting a Monetized Channel INSTANTLY TODAY – Method 2 (1:26)

Module 6: Choosing Your Niche And Finding Videos With A Special License

  • Notes On Choosing A Niche (3:05)
  • Finding Good Videos To Post In ANY Niche (8:41)
  • Choosing A Niche And Finding Videos To Post With A Special License In ANY Niche (17:31)
  • Important Secret For Finding Videos To Use (5:58)
  • Why This Method Works SO WELL! (9:55)
  • Other Good Niche Ideas = Montages And Top 10s (6:52)
  • Additional Monetization Techniques for Affiliate Links, Sponsorships and Dropshipping (3:43)

Module 7: Getting Around Copyright ID And Duplication Bot Matches

  • Free Video Editor I Use Tutorial (7:25)
  • Removing Intros and Outros From Creative Commons Videos (3:59)
  • Creating Your Own Intros and Outros For Creative Commons Videos (8:14)
  • Removing Watermarks From Videos And Adding Your Own Watermarks To Creative Commons Videos (6:14)
  • Editing Music To Avoid ID Matches (5:48)
  • Editing Speech To Avoid ID Matches (3:47)
  • How To Export An Edited Video (1:26)
  • Note On Editing Videos (2:22)
  • [1/6/2020] GREAT NEW Software For Creating AWESOME Videos! (8:27)
  • [1/22/2020] 30,000 CREATIVE COMMONS SONGS!

Module 8: Important Differences In Content Choices

  • CC Videos Vs. Montages (2:41)

Module 9: Youtube SEO Secrets For EXPLODING Views And Getting Your Videos and Channel Found

  • My NUMBER ONE Secret For Getting More Views And Getting Videos Found Whening Out (9:59)
  • How To Create A Thumbnail And Choose Effective Thumbnails (9:28)
  • Psychology Of Choosing Effective Thumbnails (4:35)
  • My Secret Youtube SEO Algorithm Title and Tags Secrets (9:30)
  • Deep Diving Tags, Niches, and Tools for Ranking Videos (9:09)
  • Tools For Studying Your Competition (2:46)
  • Psychology of Choosing Good Titles (3:48)
  • How To Grow Your Subscribers and Viewers Quickly and Organically (8:32)

Module 10: Tip For Boosting Your Income

  • How To Put Ads On Videos (4:28)
  • My Number One Secret For Multiplying Ad Revenue By Ten! (6:34)

Module 11: My Niche #1 Case Study

  • My Niches, Considerations When Choosing A Niche, and Standard Vs. Creative Commons License (14:04)
  • Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #1 Case Study (30:05)
  • Niche #1 Case Study Part 2 (8:28)

Module 12: My Niche #2 Case Study

  • Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #2 Case Study (18:15)

Module 13: My Niche #3 Case Study

  • Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #3 Case Study (12:21)

Module 14: Conclusion

  • [6/15/2019] Premium Bi-Weekly LIVE Webinar Mastermind Membership! (12:06)
  • Conclusion Video (2:49)

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