Wingfox – Creating a AAA Character From Scratch A Nameless Samurai

Wingfox – Creating a AAA Character From Scratch A Nameless Samurai


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Trailer(1m 17s)


Chapter One: Body Sculpting

1.ZBrush body Sculpting 1 (Overall )(26m 49s)

2.ZBrush body Sculpting 2 (Overall)(27m 5s)

3.ZBrush body Sculpting 3 (Face)(32m 33s)

4.ZBrush body Sculpting 4 (Muscle)(31m 20s)

5.ZBrush body Sculpting 5 (Hands and Face)(37m)

6.ZBrush body Sculpting 6 (Muscle)(31m 11s)

7.ZBrush body Sculpting 7 (Arms)(24m 37s)

8.ZBrush body Sculpting 8 (Face)

Chapter Two: Chothing in Marvelous Designer

9.Overview(15m 14s)

10. Chothing in Marvelous Designer (Trousers and Undershirt)(25m 32s)

11. Chothing in Marvelous Designer2 (Sleeves)(20m 3s)

12. Chothing in Marvelous Designer3 (Collar)(19m 19s)

13. Chothing in Marvelous Designer4 (Belt)(17m 48s)

14. Chothing in Marvelous Designer5 (Robe)(24m 13s)

15. Chothing in Marvelous Designer6 (Waist Ornaments)(29m 3s)

16. Adjustment in Zbrush and Maya 1(31m 24s)

17. Adjustment in Zbrush and Maya 2(21m 21s)

18.Transfer Attributes in Maya and conclusion

Chapter Three: Mid Poly Modeling

19. Wrapping and thickness adjustment(26m 49s)

20.Costume’s overall adjustments and rope(37m 32s)

21.Mid poly modeling (Flagon)(30m 10s)

22.Mid poly modeling (Necklace)(33m 58s)

23.Mid poly modeling (Wrister)(22m 14s)

24.Mid poly modeling (Leggings)(30m 53s)

25.Mid poly modeling (Leggings)(32m 15s)

26.Mid poly modeling ( the end)

Chapter Four: High Poly Modeling

27.Hair scratch building methods(26m 59s)

28.High poly modeling (folds sculpting 01)(36m 11s)

29.High poly modeling (folds sculpting 02)(32m 50s)

30.High poly modeling (folds sculpting 03)(28m 59s)

31.High poly modeling (folds sculpting 04) – Speed up(30m 14s)

32.High poly modeling (folds sculpting 05) – Speed up(30m 14s)

33.High poly modeling (Adding Cloth Details)(33m 29s)

34.High poly modeling (Wornout )(32m 47s)

35.High poly modeling (Feather )(26m 21s)

36.High poly modeling (Components)(22m 12s)

37.High poly modeling (Facial Details01)(38m 23s)

38.High poly modeling (Facial Details 02)(20m 29s)

39.High poly modeling (Hand Details)(34m 34s)

40.High poly modeling (The end- Speed Up)(25m 30s)

41.Weapon- High poly modeling(35m 9s)

42.Weapon- High poly modeling

Chapter Five: Topology of Low Poly Model

43.Topology (with voice over) 1(33m 4s)

44.Topology (with voice over) 2(40m 12s)

45.Topology (with voice over) 3(27m 37s)

46.Topology 1 (Speed Up with no commentary 1 )(32m 18s)

47.Topology (Speed Up with no commentary 2 )(20m 50s)

48.Topology (Speed Up with no commentary 3 )(35m 14s)

49.Weapons Topology (Speed Up with no commentary)(40m 14s)

50.Topology Tricks Summary

Chapter Six: UV and Baking

51. Body’s UV Unwrap(21m 54s)

52.UV’s overview and SoftenHarden Edge Setting(31m 41s)

53.Body baking(20m 43s)

54.Weapon baking(29m 35s)

55.Test enviornment and tear gland making

Chapter Seven: Hair Making

56.Hair making in Substance Designer01 (Simple explanation)(24m 46s)

57.Hair making in Substance Designer02 (Node Parameters Packing)(21m 13s)

58.Hair making in Substance Designer03(32m 51s)

59. Export and testing(13m 36s)

60. GS Curve Tools(33m 48s)

61.Hair card 01(34m 6s)

62.Hair card 02(34m 56s)

63.Hair card 03(27m 16s)

64.Hair card 04 (no commentary)(20m 17s)

65.Hair card 05(37m 8s)

66.Hair card 06 (no commentary)(30m 14s)

67.Finishing up and beard 01(32m 22s)

68.Beard making 02(25m 31s)

69.Eyebrow and eyelash

Chapter Eight:Material and Final Render

70.Skin mateiral 01 (Face)(28m 54s)

71.Skin mateiral 02 (Face)(32m 24s)

72.Skin mateiral 03 (Hand and Face)(33m 31s)

73.Skin mateiral 04 (Face and Hand)(12m 27s)

74.Weapon mateiral 01 (Costume)(36m 44s)

75.Weapon mateiral 02 (Tools)(22m)

76.Final Render

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