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[HOT] Virtual Dream Worlds


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What is included in the download?

Two live hypnosis video sessions to help you achieve the ability to experience Virtual Dream World states whenever you desire.

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?

Use the video conference sessions provided.

What is the expected outcome?

The time tested and proven Ultra Depth Relaxation process is used to guide you into a deep state of relaxation. This deep state of relaxation is so profound, so amazing that you are no longer aware of your body as it is kept perfectly safe by your subconscious mind. Once you are in this state, you are gently guided to have closed eye hallucinations at will. When your eyes are closed and you say a certain trigger word, you can create a new reality or new world of your own. You can transform into anything, controlling your appearance (height, weight, body shape, etc.).

You are able to change the scenes and be anywhere you desire with anyone you would like. It will be just like real life except you create what you want in your world. All the people you meet in your world will feel real and you can talk to them and interact with them just the way you would in reality. You can summon people and make them go away as you wish.

Also, you can control the timeline, determining what year you are in, past, present or future. Basically, this is the opportunity to inhabit a virtual reality where you can control everything, go on adventures and create your own story. You control everything just like in a lucid dream except it is vivid like real life. But most importantly, the person experiencing these virtual worlds will not go insane. They can still tell the difference between real life and the closed eye hallucination world.

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