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Get Access To Winning Facebook™ Ads For Local Businesses

And grow your agency to a SIX-FIGURE INCOME by producing consistent results on autopilot, without wasting time and money on testing, or losing clients in the process.

Just take 5 minutes to read the message below and learn how these winning Facebook™ ads can transform your business.

Dear Facebook Marketer,

You’re probably in a situation where growing your agency is the main priority, but maintaining a balance between sales and client retention (in other words providing results) is getting pretty hard to do.

Freelancers come and go – some of them suck, others are good… But what if you didn’t care? What if whoever you hired could just access a library of WINNING ads, copy and paste them, and you KNOW your clients will get the results you want them to. What if the setup process took you (or the freelancer) only 30 minutes, because you already have the winning ad copy and images in front of you? Yes, that’s absolutely possible!

Introducing, The Ultimate Facebook™ Ads Swipe File!

Oh, but something like this must cost a fortune? NOPE! It’s ONLY $50.

And how do we know it works? Because we use it ourselves EVERY DAY.

Until we got to where we are now, growing our agency was just a nightmare… New clients would take up so much time because they all needed attention, testing, new creatives, staring at ads manager… But now, we have a gallery of tried and tested ads that WORK, we go after clients in those industries, and life has been much simpler.

No, we don’t drive lambos… ? And no, we’re not gurus… But we live pretty nicely making between $20-30k per month. Not really a “F%$K YOU I’m retired” amount of money, but definitely nice enough to live peacefully. Here’s a screenshot of our payment processor for 2021.

You’re probably also wondering, how are we able to give this away so cheap?

Let me help you with that… We have invested A LOT of time into testing and finding the winning ads, and we had them saved on our drive for all of our media buyers to use.

One day we were sitting and went like: “Why don’t we get into the education niche, it’s really hot? We have all of these ads, let’s make a course.. Naaah, we don’t like watching 40 hour course, so why make one. Let’s just make it VERY simple… How do we do that? *Lightbulb moment* Click download and sell it as a zip file. BOOM!

This is literally what you will get – a simple, NO bs, NO intro/outro file, literally the same one we use in-house, that just has the winning ad copy and images for each industry. That’s it, it took us two clicks to make it (after years of suffering), so that’s why it’s $50.

And the value? We’re not fans of stacking fake numbers, so you can just try to imagine how valuable this can be…

Which industries are covered?

✓ Solar (4 types of ads)

✓ Real estate (Buyer and Seller ads)

✓ Mortgage (Home purchase and Refinance)

✓ Personal Injury

✓ Credit Repair

✓ Final Expense Insurance

✓ General Life Insurance

✓ Car Loans

✓ Business Loans.

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