Trevor Jones – Master CapCut in 30 Days – Learn To Edit in 3 Days


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Not happy after 30 days? I’ll give your money back. No questions asked.

I’ll make it easy for you!

You already know video is the very best way to grow your brand, your business and your social media presence.

You KNOW you need to be good at editing if you every want millions of views, subscribers and followers.


You can take a tiny step RIGHT NOW that will change your life. Forever. 

You are one click away from an entirely new world.

You’ve seen it done over and over again.  People young and old jump on platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok and crush it. Some making millions.  MILLIONS.

My course will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to Master CapCut and create videos that will get you views, subscribers, followers and BUSINESS.

Skip the learning curve and just GET IT DONE.  Learn NOW how to bring your ideas TO LIFE.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Master Capcut for Desktop!


01 – Introduction

02 – BONUS! How To Go Viral on YouTube!

03 – Installing & Updating CapCut

04 – Settings

05 – Home Page: Creating, Naming & Saving Projects • Spaces

06 – Importing & Organizing Footage

07 – Interface Overview

08 – Timeline & Editing

09 – Changing Clip Properties

10 – Remove Background • Chroma Key • Masking

11 – Enhance Face & Body • AI

12 – Slow Motion & Speed Changes

13 – Stickers

14 Transitions & Effects

15 – Masking & Compound Clips

16 – Keyframes & Animation

17 Tracking

18 – Text

19 Captions

20 – Audio • Music • SFX • Copyright

21 Color Correction • Color Grading • Filters • LUTs

22 – Artificial Intelligence

23 – Make an Entire Video Start to Finish

24 – Exporting and Conclusion

25 – CapCut Updates 1

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