Travis Stephenson – Wealthery Live

Travis Stephenson – Wealthery Live


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So while the world stresses out about getting better at paid ads and making dance videos—we’ve doubled down on our email marketing and the results were shocking. We dove in DEEP looking at all of the information we could about where our revenue was coming from over the last 14 years and have a look at what we found…

I know it seems almost TOO simple… but email flat out works! We did roughly $150,000 in high ticket sales in 10 days and our PRIMARY source (over 90% of our sales) came from email marketing.

We found the same to be true when selling affiliate products, our own digital products, you name it… email was the top seller.

It makes sense though right? We are all taught that in order to sell you have to get people to “know, like and trust” you… and the only way to do that is by getting your message in front of your audience A LOT. You just can’t do that as effectively without email, so obviously when you DO use email your “know, like, and trust” will grow… leading to more sales!

But you may be saying… “Well Travis, Sure, it works for you… but you have your own product.. what about those of us that are just starting out and don’t have a product”.

Well funny enough… I started my online business through list building and promoting other peoples products over 14 years ago and I haven’t stopped since then. There are something like 400,000 affiliate products that I’ve seen and I’ve personally promoted around 450 different products online ranging from kitchen knives to software products, and I use email as a primary driving force for every promotion I’ve ever run.

The reason I’ve had 14 years of substantial success has nothing to do with being some genius when it comes to writing ads, I’m not a good graphic designer, I can’t make amazing sales pages, I’m not an expert writer in any fashion (in fact I’m sure this page is riddled with grammatical errors and an over abundance of ellipses)…
No – the reason I have success is because…

I follow a simple system…

I drive ALL of my traffic to something that builds me a list in some way. Once I’ve gotten someone on my list, I have the ability to market to them whenever I’d like… giving me control.

I don’t have to contend with the algorithms, I don’t have to contend with ads and ad shut downs, I just sit down and write emails that I think will resonate with my audience using my proven framework for writing and sequencing emails.

Building a list gives me the ability to profit on demand and when I pay to get traffic, or make a piece of content, I’m building something that I can leverage FOREVER.

  • When the next holiday comes… I have a list to monetize
  • When the next long weekend comes… I have a list to monetize
  • When sales slump for a month because of economic issues or pandemics… I have a list to monetize

I mean look at the dates from the picture above… Ring a bell?

This was right at the beginning of the most uncertain times of Covid where ads completely failed for everyone… but I was able to generate $454,711 in NET PROFIT, and it was all thanks to having my own email list.

There is no better testament to the importance and quality of email marketing than seeing that, even during a global pandemic, we were able to turn our list into profit while everyone else in the game struggled and shut down.


So Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About Email?

For some ODD reason everyone has chosen to focus on making cool TikTok videos and making trending Reels instead of focusing on building an email list. I’m here to tell you, you’ll make WAY more money with a cell phone picture that builds your list… than you will a “good” dance video that goes “viral”.

I know this because there are a LOT of influencers that are dead broke… but most email marketers I know are buying bigger houses.


If I had to start all over again from SCRATCH right now, I would go 100% into email marketing. I would use what I know about building my list and I would start driving traffic into my funnel with the goal of building my list and creating profit systems.

See… having an audience that YOU CONTROL that will open and click on emails whenever you want to send them…
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