Trading Psychology Mastery Course by Yvan Byeajee


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Stability of mind, flexibility, concentration, and non-attachment are explored in detail in this highly practical and deep home immersion trading psychology course

Trading Psychology Mastery Course

Did you know that billionaire trader Paul Tudor Jones pays motivational speaker Tony Robbins over a million dollar each year to help him manage his mindset?

And it’s not just Paul Tudor Jones; in fact, high-level athletes will do whatever they can to have a mental edge in their respective sports.

We also see that in business, the military, and in any other endeavor that require ongoing good judgment, focus, discipline, and composure.

My name is Yvan, I am a trader and I also run Trading Composure, a blog where I discuss trading, with emphasis on the psychological aspect of it ―termed trading psychology, or investment psychology.

In trading also, mindset plays a critical role, and most institutional traders are aware of that.

Yet, curiously, retail traders have a tendency to think that a psychological edge is unimportant, or they think they already have it figured out.

And this truly puts them at a disadvantage.

If you work on your mental edge, the component of trading that everyone else is ignoring, you will be miles ahead. Guaranteed!

The Trading psychology Mastery Course is designed to help you with that.

If the program is followed with openness and diligence, you will get results.

One of the main reasons for this is that the program is not a quick-fix. It’s a long-term experiment in developing mastery over the self – the driver of one’s own life and the only ‘thing’ one truly have ‘control’ over.

Hence, more than just the fulfillment of your trading goals, the point of the Trading Psychology Mastery Course is to take action, experiment, and learn – it is to change your life.

Course curriculum

Module 1 ―Introduction

  • Meet The Instructor.
  • Welcome To The Trading Psychology Mastery Course 2.0
  • Structure of the Course.
  • The Goal Of ‘No Goal’.
  • The Power of A Pause.

Module 2 ―Mindfulness Training

  • Mindfulness Training Intro
  • Why Combine Trading and Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Meditation ―An Overview
  • Beginner Questions, Tips, and Tools
  • The Workings of Mindfulness — Part 1
  • Preliminary Instructions
  • Practice ―Developing A Non-Volatile Attention
  • The Monkey Mind
  • Samatha —Additional Notes and Homework
  • Impermanence
  • The Workings of Mindfulness — Part 2
  • Practice — Examining Reality Through Mindfulness
  • Thought and Emotional Control — A Lingering Myth
  • Mindfulness — Additional Notes and Homework
  • That Which Notices
  • Unsatisfactoriness, Attachment, and Non-judgment
  • Cleansing The Doors of Perception
  • Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life
  • Integrating Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life —Additional Notes
  • Why Mindfulness Works
  • Mindfulness Training Module Q&A
  • Check Your Knowledge of Mindfulness
  • Books
  • Mindfulness Training Outro
  • Acknowledgments

Module 3 ―Thinking In Probabilities

  • Thinking In Probabilities Intro
  • The Nature of Financial Markets ―Part 1
  • The Nature of Financial Markets ―Part 2
  • The Implications of Randomness
  • Probability 101
  • The Law of Large Numbers
  • Expected Value
  • Overcoming Loss Aversion ―A Dice Experiment
  • Putting Everything Together
  • Sixty-Minute Trading Study-Case.
  • Thinking in Probabilities Outro

Module 4 ―Live Trading Challenges

  • Live Trading Challenges Intro
  • Challenge #1 ―The Mindful Trader
  • Challenge #2 ―The Stoic Trader
  • Challenge #3 ― The Enlightened Trader
  • Challenge #4 Will Be Available on April 16th

Guided Meditations

  • Instructions
  • Focus ‘Click Sound’ Meditation
  • Self-Compassion Meditation
  • Fearlessness Meditation

Taught By Yvan Byeajee

My name is Yvan Byeajee; I am a trader with several years of experience in anything pertaining to the practice of meditation.

Meditation has provoked some deep changes within me, which has also positively impacted the way I trade ― and my trading performance.

In my work, I aspire to help traders go through that same process of transformation.

The implications of such profound mental changes are enormous for us traders. When equanimity, balance, wise discernment, among other wholesome mental characteristics become the new norm of the mind, what ensues is a way of trading that is effortless, enjoyable, and above all profitable.


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