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Fully automated Kriya Yoga, ALL Kriya Yoga techniques are done automatically Transform your life into the life of your dreams Removes ALL blocks to manifest the life of your dreams, Dream total awareness of your life purpose and dream vocation, Dream vocation/work that expresses your life purpose and makes you the happiest and most fulfilled and financially abundant, Dream with total clarity and direct experience of who you really are on a human and spiritual level and dream with total clarity of what you desire on a human and spiritual level

Dream manifestation of all desires (as long as they do not derail your life purpose and calling), Intimate dream relationship with your twin flame / soul mate Dream sex life (including all the archetypes/skills/wisdom and transformations you need for your total fulfillment) Financial abundance from dreams

Dream physical body (body looks exactly the way you want it to) All desired physical changes Reaching your desired body weight Changing biology to breath taking (you no longer need to eat or drink water to survive, but can, for pleasure / taste, ingest all the nourishment of sunlight and prana) but remain at your ideal healthy body weight Reversing age into a physical body of 20-25 years old and remaining in This body for life(every body is regenerated and renewed) Increases immunity including sexually transmitted diseases Dream mental / emotional / subtle bodies Dream spiritual growth / evolution / self-realization (including activation and integration of subtle bodies up to the Atmic Body)

Dream luck Manifestation dream power Dream business partners, Dream friends, Dream physical, mental, emotional and energetic health, Dream time and freedom of choice, Dreaming a miraculous life where it just flows all the time, Dream synchronicity (everything appears exactly when you need it), Dream expansion of consciousness and unlocking of ALL the spiritual powers / Siddhis you desire AND ALL the Siddhis in your hologenic profile: (especially the Siddhis for Gene Key 14 Abundance (automatically create abundance in all areas of life), (full automatic access to mastery in ALL fields of human endeavor through direct access to all kinesthetic knowledge), (heal physical, mental, emotional and energetic problems with the mind – brings out a mental science of healing), Silence (the chattering mind stops permanently and there is inner silence permanently), (break the laws of form and manifest miracles, at the level of the 35th siddhi ANYTHING is possible), Justice (travel through time and space, break the laws of form)

Enlightenment (divine creation, thoughts manifest instantly in the world of form, the higher spiritual self prevents their use for harm or negativity) Gradually raise your spiritual power to omnipotence and gradually transform your human biology to continue increasing your spiritual power

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