Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle

Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle


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Here’s How You’ll Get It All…

Every Tuesday afternoon on a PRIVATE  Zoom session I train my marketing team.
And you’ll get a secret link to the raw recording of the whole call each week… within just hours after we wrap.
And we don’t edit-out anything from these recordings.
So you’ll see and hear everything I share.
Each training session runs about half an hour…
So you can bang-out each weekly recording and be off to the races.
And you’ll see right away… these private sessions are NO fluff… NO fancy slides… NO posturing or white-washed advice
Obviously, I don’t care about any of that stuff when training my team.
Nor do I care about making these private training sessions fancy or flashy.
I care about one thing…
THE SUBSTANCE — giving my guys the best, most actionable marketing gems to deploy right away to bring-in a lot more sales.
So I pull no punches…
And say it like it is for my guys.
So you’ll see right away… these training sessions are…

Intense, Balls To The Wall, Hardcore Marketing Moves From Minute One!

And these training sessions are why, today, so many experts are buzzing about how my team is pumping-out some of the most profitable campaigns in our industry.
(This is also why many of the best marketers online are now on this list… soaking-up every drop of these recordings too.) 
And this is your shot to come behind the velvet curtain with us, and devour the same training.
Fact is:
If you don’t already recognize how quickly this will upgrade your marketing skills and IQ… as well as pump your sales and business performance… this is NOT for you…

And you can stop reading and move on.

If, on the other hand, you do recognize the enormous opportunity here in getting these recordings every week, then…

Claim Your Access to My Weekly Team Trainings Now and Get These FREE BONUSES


Todd Details Our Secret Marketing Sauce:
“The Internal On-Boarding Training Todd Gives Every
New Marketer On His Team”
There are certain marketing insights so valuable and so essential today, I require every new member of my marketing team to understand how to apply them.
I detail these — the most productive marketing moves today — in a private video, intended only for my own team members.
It’s required viewing when they come aboard.
won’t let any new marketer on our team touch a single piece of marketing or work on any campaigns until they watch this video.


Because, as you’ll realize, it lays-out bare “Our Marketing Secret Sauce” — the keys behind my unique process and thinking for producing consistent big marketing winners. 
I’ve never shared this video with anyone outside my team.
You’ll understand why… and the value of what you’re hearing… when you watch it.


Todd’s “Golden 10” Marketing Books:
“The PRIVATE Reading List
Todd Requires Every Marketer
On His Team To Devour”

This is the required reading list I give to my own marketers.
But it’s no ordinary list.
I call it the GOLDEN TEN
Because the ten books on this list… many which most marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs have NEVER HEARD OF… are the most impactful for transforming yourself into a high-level marketer.

These are the best of the best.

In fact, of my entire library, these ten books are the most precious, the most treasured.
For good reason…
Because with just these ten books alone, you can develop seriously potent sales-producing acumen. 
That’s why these are required reading by every member of my marketing team.
And now you’ll know them too.

Including the order to read them in!


Follow Todd’s Marketing Meeting Process:
“The Exact Weekly Agenda
Todd Uses When Meeting
With His Marketing Team…
Including The Metrics He Reviews”
Want to see how I hold my marketing team accountable every week?…
How I make sure they’re focusing on the right sales-producing activities?…

And coming-up with new ideas and campaigns?

This little agenda is how I do it.

It’s what I use every week when leading our Marketing Department Meeting.

You’ll see each piece of this unique meeting, everything we talk about, and even the critical metrics we review.
It’s taken me a long time to find a reliable meeting structure to keep my marketing department producing so consistently.
Now you can use my little agenda with your own team… or just lead yourself through it weekly if you’re solo right now.
Either way, you’ll see… the metric review portion alone is worth its weight in gold.
Not too mention, the other seven sections.
So there you have it…

Your Moment To Come Behind The Velvet Curtain

This is a rare opportunity for you to profit from the same high-level tactics, strategies, training, and methods I’m PRIVATELY showing and teaching my own marketing team right now and every week going forward…

As well as your chance to own the most precious internal resources… so essential… I require my whole marketing team to go through them.

Starting today, right now…
  • You’ll enjoy access to the true insider marketing methods NOT shared publicly by any other expert or coach.
  • ​You’ll develop a marketing IQ and sales-producing chops few will be able to rival. (Least of all… your competitors!)
  • ​And you’ll most certainly gain the marketing know-how to produce an astonishing amount of sales from almost any marketing campaign in 2020.
Now it’s time act…


  • Recording of Todd’s Internal Team Training (weekly)
  • FREE: The Private “Secret Sauce” Video
  • ​FREE: Todd’s “Golden Ten” Required Reading List
  • ​FREE: Todd’s Marketing Team Meeting Agenda
Todd 🙂
P.S. You already know I bring the heat in my public trainings.
Imagine what I do… and show… and share… with my own team, when my money, reputation, and livelihood are truly on the line.
Now… you’ll see it all.
And I have zero doubt, you’re not only going to love getting the recordings of my internal marketing team trainings every week…
You’re also going to find the candor and raw actionable insights refreshing and energizing…
Because for the first time ever you’re finally getting the real-deal stuff shared behind the scenes between an expert and his team.

But, you want to sign-up now so you don’t miss-out on any more of my internal team trainings.

The next one is just days away.
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