Tiny is Mighty (TiM)

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Tiny is Mighty (TiM)

Tiny is a mindset. Tiny means businesses that choose to stay intentionally small, impressively profitable, nimble, and intimately close — invaluable! — to their customers.

Tiny creator-businesses monetize through serving and mattering and being obsessed with customer happiness.

On the other side of the coin is another mindset — the obsession with growth, with scaling, with more eyeballs, with earning millions (or billions: the non-tiny companies chasing unicorns).

Which path you choose will have all sorts of downstream ripple effects, some obvious; but mostly invisible from the outset.

It takes a special kind of mindset to truly understand the meaning of “Tiny Marketing” (Seth has been beating this drum for years).

We need to reset our brains into thinking way (WAY) differently, way (WAY!) smaller. That’s not as easy as it sounds — 99% of us marketers have been wired (since the printing press and invention of advertising) to think the exact opposite of tiny. Screw tiny; bigger is better, buddy-boy:

  • Growth (at all costs),
  • Scale (out the wazoo),
  • Millions!

Looking at ads and landing pages each day makes me wanna cringe (and sometimes puke). I can smell the desperation. I can see the gamble they are taking, the clueless risks, the bet that will never return a row of cherries.

Screaming ads projected towards a 99% un-interested audience. Praying for “something” to (finally) work.

If something doesn’t work within 15 minutes, scream some more, but much louder this time — a different headline, a different image — but with zero empathy, and no resonance or connection with the audience at any level.

Not advertising — but “screamvertising!”

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