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Tim Denning – LinkedIn Mastery


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LinkedIn Looks So Easy…

You’re looking to create content and build an audience. You’ve heard LinkedIn is the place to be.

You log in and see all the normal features – news feeds, videos, images.

Since it looks so easy, you jump in.

What is there to lose?

The problems start…

You’ve found success elsewhere in life, and you expect LinkedIn will be no different. You start posting.

Nothing happens.

“That’s okay,” you think. “It always takes a while to get started.”

So you keep going. You dedicate yourself to improvement. Should you connect with more people? Use more hashtags? Try more images?

You mix and match a little of everything. And – you still go nowhere.

Going nowhere fast

Where was all of this potential? Why do you see everyone else blowing up on LinkedIn, but you can’t seem to crack it?

Your posts get more and more random. LinkedIn drifts out of your mind. You tell yourself you’ll come back to it some day.

You never do.

You walk away from the platform.

Which means you’re walking away from a bigger audience, new clients, and more money.

Here’s what you didn’t know:

Every social media site has unspoken rules that say what works and what doesn’t. LinkedIn is no exception. Learn the rules, and you can put your career on a rocket ship to success… starting today.

The great part? You don’t have to:

  • Spam people with slimy DMs
  • Create a phony “personal brand”
  • Develop an endless pile of photos, videos, or podcasts.

The even better part? Once you learn the secrets, you can explode on LinkedIn in less than 15 minutes per day.

(I should know…)

There are 800 million people on LinkedIn. In this course, you’ll learn how a select few creators…

Grow Quickly

Learn both the primary and secondary tactics for adding thousands of people to your audience.

Save Time

Learn how to find success on LinkedIn by limiting yourself to 15 minutes per day and capturing data around your all-star content to unleash my “repeater strategy.”

Make Money

Learn how to turn your LinkedIn presence into higher paychecks, bigger deals, and an audience who can’t wait to hand you their hard-earned cash.

Who is this course for?


Employees can use LinkedIn to establish credibility, network with other people in their industry, and get promotions.


Freelancers can use LinkedIn to find more clients, build their brand awareness, and separate themselves from an ocean of other freelancers.


Writers can can use LinkedIn to test out ideas for articles, build a raving readership, and promote books to an audience that actually has money.

“Does Your Method Work?”

That’s a fair question. To answer it, we’ll ask my co-teacher Todd Brison.

Todd is no dummy. He has 67,000 followers on Medium. He’s a bestselling author, and he’s been crushing it online for years.

On LinkedIn, he was an epic failure.

No matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t get anywhere. He never grew. When you don’t grow, you get bored. When you get bored you stop trying. That’s what Todd did.

By helping me build this course, he became my first student. He learned the principles. Then, the started doing the work. Let me show you what that looks like…

Smart, motivated people still fail without the right process

Without the right process, Todd never got momentum. With the right process, he created an audience on demand.

Oh, and I didn’t even tell you the best part yet. In a matter of 9 days, Todd connected with a new client. His developmental editing services start at $6,000 for a book.

So let’s walk this back… by spending 15 minutes per day on LinkedIn, Todd is potentially looking at a $6,000 deal. Do you think it was worth his time?

Yeah. Me too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the course start?

This course is asynchronous, meaning you can do it on your own time. BUT – the community is most active within the first two weeks of the course starting. Even if you aren’t able to watch all the lessons right away, join the community and start chatting. You’ll get massive value from the community alone.

Q: What exactly does this community do?

In a phrase: we support each other.

We use a platform called Slack to chat as often as we can, and we have Zoom calls every month.

Many web communities are toxic and full of complainers. That’s why we have a community manager who helps us focus on staying positive and making progress.

The community is there for you to ask questions about the course, get some early engagement on your LinkedIn posts, and network with other LinkedIn masters.

(And yes, I’m in the community.)

Q: How do I watch the lessons?

We use Teachable as a course provider. You can watch any of the lessons on your desktop, or do it on the go through Teachable’s iOS app.

Q: How long are the lessons available?

Unless the platform breaks, you’ll be able to get to the lessons whenever you like. Actually, I’d recommend keeping the lessons handy so you can watch them whenever you need a reminder.

Q: Why LinkedIn instead of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or another platform?

Simple. LinkedIn has the best organic reach. If you’re starting from scratch today, LinkedIn gives you the best chance at reaching a huge audience, quickly. Oh, and you can reach that audience for free. Facebook is choking back almost all their reach and charging for ads instead.

With the addition of its new learning platform, LinkedIn will likely be a part of everyone’s daily work life.

Business partners, customers, once-in-a-lifetime connections, new opportunities – they are all on LinkedIn. The other platforms don’t offer much else than drama.

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