The MissionFX Compounding 2023


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for beginners?
No, this course is not for beginners. You will need to already know the basics of forex trading. Things like basic terminology, how to open a brokerage account, and how to use tools like Tradingview, and Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5.
What all is included with this course?
By making a purchase, you will get access to 2 simple things only – The course curriculum videos that cover the strategy & multiple backtest sessions, and you will get 1 personal mentorship session from Nick Shawn conducted via Google Meets (not to exceed 1 hour long). The MissionFX Discord Group Chat community does NOT come with this course, that service along with much more is part of a separate coaching program called The MissionFX Full Program ($3,000). Details about that program can be found here: (We recommend that you complete this program first, and then use the profits you make from compounding to upgrade to the Full Program at a later time)
Are refunds available for this course?
No, there is a strict no-refund policy due to the nature of the digital content, as well as the personal mentorship session Nick will provide you with. Make sure this is something that you’re 100% committed to.

Course Curriculum

Brief Orientation.

How To Contact Us, If You Need Help.

How To Join The Discord Broadcast Server.

Link to the Live Session Recordings.

Nick Shawn’s Current Trading Approach.

Let’s Get Started. (3:25)

The Basic Concepts That My Trading Approach Is Built Around. (26:20)

Entries, Trade Management, and Exits. (20:40)

Planning The Risk Structure For Each Trade. (24:59)

Tracking Your Trades To Improve Your Trading Approach Over Time. (13:54)

A Live Trade Example – EURCAD. (14:48)

Growing An Account From $1,000 to $2,000 With High Risk. (46:56)

Growing A 10K Account to 20K With 10% Fixed Risk Per Trade. (35:57)

Growing a 1K Account To 12K, Risking The Entire Account Per Trade. (23:36)

Growing a 10K Account to 40K In 3 Trades, Risking The Whole Account. (14:04)

Book Your 1-1 Session With Nick.

Instructions for how to book your 1-1 session with Nick.

Additional 1-1 Sessions With Nick.

Want Unlimited 1-1 Help?

1-1 Session Recordings.

William – His Trading Approach, The Drug Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Health and Wellness, and Productivity Optimization. (91:54)

Tom – Trend Scalping, Hedging, Determining Trends, Creative Ways To Manage Losing Trades, Swing Trading vs Scalping. (39:59)

Andrei – Support/Resistance, Stop Losses, Journaling Trades, Tracking Data, Optimization, Funded With My Forex Funds. (35:13)

Remoon – Crazy % Gains, Simplicity, Entering Only At Clear Zones, Tracking Data, Working From Home, Economics at University. (72:15)

Terah – A Plan To Reach $1M+, Using Multiple Accounts, Hedging, And Dynamic Risk Management. (41:32)

Brandon – How To Manage The Worst Possible Outcomes With Hedging, And Context Based Decision Making. (65:31)

Martyn – A Testament On How Thoughtfully Planning Each Trade And Risk Structure Promotes Profitability. (54:33)

Jacob – Targeted, Specific Questions About Trade Management, Position Sizing, and Risk Structure For Invalidation. (59:42)

The Original MissionFX Compounding Course From 2022.

The Complete Process of Compounding Your Account (First Course) (77:04)

Context Based Compounding (Second Course) (48:23)

The Complete Guide – One Simple Video, Covering Everything (Third Course) (79:22)

How To Use The Tradingview Replay Tool. (6:24)

Old Backtesting Sessions From the 2022 MFX Compounding Course.

How To Backtest, Using The Tradingview Replay Mode. (5:54)

Backtest 1 – GBPAUD – $1,000 to $2,030. (36:33)

Backtest 2 – CADJPY – $10,000 to $16,150. (84:32)

Backtest 3 – EURAUD – $5,000 to $1,000 (Failed) Then $5,000 to $15,500 (Success) (57:43)

Backtest 4 – AUDUSD – $10,000 to $20,000. (39:22)

Backtest 5 – Multiple Pairs – $1,000 to $11,000. (24:50)

Backtest 5.1 – EURCAD – $10,000 to $21,520. (21:12)

Backtest 6 – AUDCHF – $50,000 to 102,200. (46:26)

Backtesting Sessions From The Original MFX Compounding Course.

Backtest 1 (Success $500 to $6,200) (61:40)

Backtest 2 (Success $1,000 to $10,600) (42:01)

Backtest 3 (Success $1,000 to $10,100) (26:49)

Backtest 4 (Failed $500 to $400) (41:49)

Backtest 5 (Failed $500 to $100) (21:29)

Backtest 6 (Success $500 to $6,900) (26:51)

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