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This is what you get Inside The IGBFTM 4.0

The most up-to-date roadmap to build your socials the right way

Learn how to actually grow your Instagram the right way with continually updated strategies, insider secrets and breakdowns that actually grow your Instagram, TikTok & YouTube Shorts.

Lifetime access to Dominik’s

IG Insiders Group + Discord

Get access to weekly Reels trends, content templates & ideas, algorithm updates and access to Dominik & his team.

Access to the Creator Bonus Bundle

Enjoy a wide range of continually updated bonus resources, courses & templates to not only always stay on top of the curve, but to have of becoming a sustainable content creator nailed down.

Do you find yourself in some of these?

  • You are a (new) content creator ready to crush it from the start.
  • You think the algorithm is unfair, just because you don’t know how to treat it the right way.
  • You need a proven system that you just need to follow in order to get results.
  • You are tired of creating content and nobody actually caring about what you have to say.
  • You know that you need to build an actual brand as opposed to just some quick page to get massive leverage for a lifetime.
  • You tried other IG courses only to be disappointed that they still teach the same old methods.
  • You think you have to wait until you have 10k followers in order to monetize and start to make a living.
  • You are willing to execute and actually do the work using a step-by-step system that will get you where you want to be.
  • You’ve been creating for a long time and your reach dropped drastically over the past months.

What is the IG BlackFile 4.0?

During the past 7 years I’ve been building and managing Instagram* brands be it in my former agency, or working 1:1 with clients in my CreatorMentorship – seeing through every algorithm change and closely monitoring current trends and long-term principles that set apart the successful ones from the rest.

Basically I’ve seen it all. Helping creators crush it on Instagram is my passion – and I want to help you, too!

Now I’ve condensed all of my experience into a simple to follow system – the IG BlackFile – a system giving you consistent results.

The Instagram* Game Has Just Begun

The past two years have been crazier than anyone could have ever expected in terms of social media and content creation.

Algorithm updates left and right, Instagram being one of the hardest platforms to get traction. TikTok coming along, disrupting the whole industry and YouTube jumping in on the short form video wagon.

Having worked personally with hundreds of creators over the past year I can safely say: Instagram is BACK!

In my experience, Instagram has become one of the most stable platforms to build your audience – if you know what you do.

Strategies have changed and if you approach the IG game like it’s still 2021, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

But not only that – because of these wild times, the rules have become fairly similar on all platforms – enabling you crazy opportunities to grow your content brand like never before!


  • Nailed down on a proven and validated niche (most people do not have a validated niche, contrary to what they think)
  • Branded & positioned yourself to become an opinion leader (with our expert positioning framework. And yes – everybody can become one, regardless of where you stand and what you do)
  • Built a strong Instagram foundation that sets you up to get true fans and is optimized for the algorithm and fit for algorithm changes
  • Become an Instagram Algorithm Pro (understanding every inch of the algorithms, how they play together and what you can do to give you massive reach)
  • Developed a bulletproof content strategy (creating content that builds demand, feeds the algorithm and make your engagement explode)
  • Implemented the latest IG growth strategies (to get laser targeted, organic Instagram growth – without having to be afraid of shadow-bans and whatnot)
  • Created & launched products your followers are waiting to buy (ever tried selling something to your audience and nothing happened? Not anymore!)

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