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A 3-part options education series brought to you by SpotGamma and Options Insight

With decades of applied experience from Wall Street veterans Brent Kochuba and Imran Lakha, The Hedge is a 3-part intensive options training course


Here’s what’s inside The Hedge:


Junior Trader

Junior traders execute simple options trades and understand the basic principals of how option premium behaves
  • Analyze call and put options profit profiles
  • Understand the variables that determine an options price
  • Differentiate between intrinsic and time value
  • Read an options chain and compare pricing of different strikes and maturities


Senior Trader

Senior traders convert ideas into positions and quantify risk-reward of options positions by evaluating the impacts of all the Greeks
  • Evaluate each of the key Greeks and their role in risk management
  • Appreciate the role market-makers have on stock price movement through Delta hedging
  • Differentiate between realized and implied volatility and the Greeks associated with each
  • Apply multi-dimensional scenarios to spot price, time, and volatility to project the path of an options value


Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers generate original ideas, optimize implementation and manage risk
  • Interpret the shape of the term structure
  • Understand forward implied volatility and how it applies to VIX futures
  • Assess volatility skew, why it exists and how it informs you about tail risk in a certain asset
  • Understand second order Greeks including Vanna and Charm and the impact they have on markets due to dealer positioning
  • Implement new trading strategies including spreads, ratios and butterflies
  • Trade volatility and skew via straddles and collars
  • Identify and trade gamma squeezes before and after the fact

Each course includes:

Expert Teachers

Our team of expert teachers are all Wall Street veterans with decades of combined options trading experience

Case Studies

We go beyond the theoretical to show you real-world case studies to illustrate trading strategies

Video & Slides

All courses are a mix of video content plus downloadable slides for reference and convenience

Quizzes & Certification

Complete any of our courses and you will be awarded with an official certification of completion

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